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Aviation apps for iPhone

September 20th, 2013 · Comments Off on Aviation apps for iPhone

This article will tell you about some of the best Aviation apps for iPhone. You can download these apps and and enjoy them. Detailed description about some aviation apps is given below: 

Lately, the iPhone ecosystem has experienced the “big bang” with apps almost exploding every niche. There is something in it for everyone. Just like, if you are an aviation expert, iPhone’s league of aviation apps is surely going to make the ordeal of the day for you.

Aviation apps for iPhone

  • Sky Demon (Although not a free application and require-$119.90 for the subscription for the first year but for rest of the years its $59 and can also be used on the PC). It was released on 11 February 2012 and grants the user with a month trial. The controls provided by the application are quite simple, intuitive and clear. The charts used by them are proprietary to them. It is the planning device which takes the user through each and every detail which user plans to. When the user is flying they will be getting some kind of notifications about the route .As this is just a beta application now, user can look forward and see the new features coming in on the upcoming editions.
  • Air Nav Pro– They have recently made some changes and added CAA maps along with some new features. It can help the user to plan different level of aspects of flying and works perfectly according to the directions. For this application user doesn’t have to spend any significant amount as it’s quite cheap and no subscription is required.
  • Motion X – It is one of the applications which were originally developed for iphone specifically for GPS. It does record the track of flight. The user can record the tracks and save everything with regards to navigation.
  • Cloud Ahoy– It’s one of the cool aviation application which allows the users to keep track of each and every flight which user makes and then after the tour the user can retrieve the data which has been captured during their flight. The application is using the Google Earth for allowing the user to play back the flights on the web browser.  It uses the internal GPS receiver (or the external GPS like popular Bad Elf unit) for recording the flights. The user will have to create an account at their site and register his device. For using this application in the plane user will have to simply press the start button of the application.  The document or the data is stored on the device itself until unless back to ground. The data storage service is free of cost.
  • Aero pad– The magic which runs across this application is the customization, which is perfectly tailored according to the cock pit.   It allows the user to load different kind of aircraft manuals, any document which user want to convert from paper to the digital format and e-charts etc. There are two different modes available in the applications which are day and night mode. It also comprises of a whiteboard which is available for writing the notes, a chronostat page which is used for storing the time and the calculations. Best part of the application is that user can load large number of pages at a single point of time and can track the appropriate document and get it loaded.
  • Aero Weather pro– The beauty of this application is that it’s quite easy to use and hosts some unique features. It includes the full features related to the weather forecast like Nexrad radar mosaics, airmets, satellite views and the five days forecast for the location the user is in. They are listed in the format which could be viewed perfectly without much fuss or other dependencies. User can load the multiple stations at a time and get an appropriate idea about the weather on the track flight is travelling. It’is a must have app for US pilots.

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How to find device id in android tablet

September 18th, 2013 · Comments Off on How to find device id in android tablet

You all must be wondering that how to find device id in android tablet. So this article is all about  this only. Each and every detail of searching a device id is given below.

There are multiple ways of finding the device ID of your Android phone. One of the easiest ways to find device ID of your Android tablet is by entering the below code in your phone dialer,


Which will show the device ID of your tablet in Gtalk service monitor where it will be mentioned as aid.

Android device ID is the special alpha-numeric code for identifying your device. The device ID of your Android tablet can be useful in case of any issues with your phone and you need to contact customer support to resolve it where they might ask for device ID details. In case you don’t know the device ID of your tablet you can call your phone carrier in order to find out this information.

Device ID

There is also a separate Android Application named “Device ID” which can be used to reveal the device ID of Android tablet or phone. You can download the app from Google Play and install it on your phone. The URL for downloading the Device ID is below,


This simple from redphx allows you to find out the device ID without requiring any internet connectivity. It displays the device ID of your android tablet along with associated E-mail address. You also have an option to share/copy the code to others through Facebook, Email or text. It is a very simple method to find the device ID of your tablet.

This App can help you obtain the Unique Android device ID, MEID/IMEI, Google Service Framework ID, Ethernet Mac Address and Wi-Fi Mac Address, SIM Card Serial and other important data which is unique to identifying your phone in case it’s lost or stolen. The Android device ID can helpful in tracking your device in case it’s lost and also for installing specific applications. Also it can be useful in locating your device using GPS. This App is useful tool for both normal users and developers who want to find the device ID for android tablets. It is expected that many new features will be added soon.

This App does not need internet connectivity and hence whatever information collected will be safe and within your privacy. The Device ID from Author Redphx is the most popular App which has become more successful. The important data which can be obtained through this device ID app include,

Android Device ID

IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity)

Subscriber ID

Ethernet MAC Address

Wi-Fi MAC Address

SIM Card Serial

Mobile Equipment Identifier (MEID)

It makes use of ACCESS_WIFI_STATE to obtain the MAC address of the device and READ_PHONE_STATE to obtain the IMSI, SIM Serial and IMEI of the device.

But one drawback of this App is that it does not work with dual-SIM phones where users want to obtain the SIM serial for both the cards. It will mostly return the serial number of the Active SIM card alone. You can provide your comments and feedback to the developer in order to improve the features.


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Cell Phone Recycling Oklahoma City

September 17th, 2013 · Comments Off on Cell Phone Recycling Oklahoma City

Here in this article we will tell you about the recycling of old cell phones in Oklahoma City. Here are the complete details of cell phone recycling in Oklahoma City.

Cell phones have become part and parcel of human existence- not sure about it! Just take a look around! Jokes apart- it has led to the accumulation of old cell phones that are being discarded every now and then. As soon as a newer version is available the older versions go into oblivion because the technology savvy human minds want only the latest. On an average,  most Americans get rid of their old phones in 18 months to two years, as soon as they get a low cost or free upgrade with the new mobile phone.

cellphone recycling

Recycling of Cell phones in Oklahoma

If you have some older models of phones, instead of simply dumping them, get them recycled. In Oklahoma, Environmental Protection Agency has specified guidelines as to where you can hand them over. Non-profit organizations, cell phones for soldiers and Hopeline are organizations that derive benefit out of your donated cell phones.

It is estimated that about 500 million devices are lying non-utilized and among these only 10% are recycled. What happens to the rest? They eventually land up in landfills thereby threatening our very existence. So, one must pass on their old devices for re-use.

Before sending your devices for recycling, keep a backup of the data that you need to save and erase all of the rest personal data from memory card and SIM.

Take Back Programs from Manufacturers

If you want to get rid of your old cell phones in Oklahoma, then these gadgets may fetch you some money. Many manufacturers can give you cash in exchange of your old cell  phones and even some of them pay you handsomely!

Mobile devices- smartphones, cell phones, touch devices, Androids and prepaid phones from Samsung, Apple, Nokia, Motorola, HTC, LG, Microsoft- can all be recycled in Oklahoma. You may ask for free quotations from manufacturers while in Oklahoma City.

You may visit several manufacturers stores personally in Oklahoma and find out where the nearest donation center is. Or you may try otherwise-go, to the manufacturer site and download a free shipping label. Then put your old phones in a box and mail it to the address provided and get rid of your unused devices.


At T-Mobile retail store,  you may conveniently drop off your cell phones by packing the cell phones and accessories in a box after sticking the downloaded label for shipping. If you have some problem in downloading, then you may collect the shipping envelope from retail stores in Oklahoma to send the phone for recycling.

Verizon Wireless

Similarly, Hopeline program of Verizon Mobiles takes charge of collecting the old devices, batteries as well as many accessories that are deposited in Verizon Mobiles Retail outlets. These phones are then recycled, and the raised fund from the refurbished products goes to different non-profit organization.

You may also download a shipping label yourself from anywhere in Oklahoma and donate your devices.

Online Programs and Websites for Recycling

Do not ignore your discarded mobile devices because they may get you some quick bucks. If you do not want to donate then send your phones to recycling websites like Pacebutler.com. Every month Pacebutler receives over seventy thousand devices that are tested and processed. Among these 22% are unusable but the rest derives easy money to customers spread across fifty states.

So, discard your cell phones safely by any of the discussed options and make your Oklahoma city free from the e-waste caused by the cell phone devices.

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How to Unlock Android Phone Patterns

September 17th, 2013 · Comments Off on How to Unlock Android Phone Patterns

This article is about unlocking the pattern lock in android devices. The complete description of how to unlock android phone patterns is given below:

Pattern lock screen is a user interface that can help you in reducing the sudden access to your android devices without enabling the permission of the administrator. This interface is used in devices like smartphones, tablets, laptops where you store personal and official data.You can use pattern locks for all the Windows, Android and iOS devices. It is like the conventional way of locking the devices with the username and password.

If you had forgotten these saved pattern locks, what can you do? Here are tips for you to unlock the forgotten pattern locks.

Android Pattern Lock


How to Unlock Pattern Lock using Gmail

Easy way to unlock the forgotten pattern locks in the android phones involves the following steps.

  1. The pattern has to be drawn 5 times in anyways.
  2. When you have tried 5 times, you will get a message that you have drawn the pattern to unlock your android phone for 5 times so try it again in another 30 seconds.
  3. When you wait for 30 seconds, a “Forgot pattern” option will appear.
  4. Tap the Forgot pattern option. Now, a new window appears asking you to give your email address and password that you have used to register the android device.
  5. Enter email and password.
  6. Now you can here reset the pattern lock of your android device.

This is the most easy and simple way to unlock the pattern of your android device.


How to Unlock Phone Pattern without Using Gmail

If your Gmail address and password are not accepted, here is another option of “Hard factory data reset” for you.The downside of using “Hard Data Factory Reset” process is that the data stored on your device can be lost. Although data stored on microSD will not be lost, but it is advisable to remove the microSD card before doing this process.

Switch off the device first and then remove the battery. Leave it as such for 5 seconds. Now, after inserting the battery do not switch on the device.

To Hard reset your android go to the recovery of the Android system. There are different  methods for different manufacturers of the android phones.


Hold these three keys together – Volume Up, Home Key, and Power Key. This will result in the display of the Samsung logo and a vibration can be felt. Immediately release the power key and hold the Home key and Volume Up key. You can get into the Android recovery system this way.


Hold the Volume Up key and the Power key. This turns on the android recovery system of the phone. To highlight the recovery mode use Volume Up and Down keys and for choosing it press the Power Key.


Hold the Volume Up and Down keys. Also, hold the Power Key and till the recovery mode is turned on hold the three keys simultaneously. The phone asks the user to press the Volume Up key for choosing the Recovery mode.

Google Nexus

Press the Power Key and the Volume Down key for feeling the vibration. Use the Volume Up and Down keys to move and use the Power Key to make a selection. An Android Guy and an exclamation mark appear. Now the Power Key has to be pressed and held to reach the Android Recovery mode.

If you use the different brand of the android phone, then you can search in the Google how to hard factory reset for your phone model. Also, remember, if you are in the recovery mode, the touchscreen never works, you need to use the Volume Up and Down keys. To start factory data  reset, press the Power Key.

Now after the reset is done, you can see your android phone working as before.

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How to Recover Gold from e-Waste

September 15th, 2013 · Comments Off on How to Recover Gold from e-Waste

Did you ever knew that your gadgets contains a small amount of Gold? Yes, it is true that your gadgets contains some amount of gold. With the help of this article you can dig the Gold in your E-Waste.

The demand for the new tech gadgets is increasing day by day, not only because it is getting advanced but also because, the devices live a short life. This not only brings in loads of electronic devices to the world, but also loads of electronic waste dumped in the atmosphere. The presence of lead and mercury and other toxic components has made the disposal of the e-waste a great headache.

However, the electronic waste also contains precious metals like gold (Au). Gold is in significant amounts that it is much higher compared with the natural ores of Au. So, recycling of the e-waste is becoming more of an important business in the process of Electronic Scrap Material Recycling. Compared with the municipal waste, the electronic waste also has gained a much greater growth ratio. This is because of the fact that the technological gadgets like the mobiles, computers, and such other electronic devices are used at a much higher rate these days. Across the world, it takes 3% of gold, 3% of silver and 15% of palladium to make the mobile phones.

Most of the tech gadgets have the gold electroplating on them. Gold electroplating is the process of coating gold using the electrochemical process in the gadgets. Conductivity and protection of wires are the main reasons, of gold plating the gadgets. So, gold can be found in many electronic gadgets especially in the large circuit boards.  To separate gold from the devices there are many exclusive methods, and there are many companies that deal with extracting the gold from the gold plated devices.

E-Waste Recycling

Here are some of the general ways for how to recover gold from the electronic devices.

1. Burning

Burning using an extractor isolates gold from the devices and the extraction process is also quite simple. This cannot be done professionally. This is because, the circuits and devices do not only contain gold but also plastics and other materials. When burnt, these materials leave fumes that are toxic. In the US, only at rare occasions this process is used to isolate gold from the gadgets and even amateurs also tend to avoid this because, it involves the risk of harming themselves and the environment.

2. Cyanide

Cyanide solution extracts gold from the devices, and it is a general process. The cyanide clubs with gold and forms gold ions. The ions later can be distilled, and the gold can be obtained. This is a solution to extract gold that cannot be done easily; however, there are issues concerned with this method too. Cyanide is highly toxic, and extractors are required to use with utmost care. There are strict laws to administer use and disposal of cyanide, and they are to be followed to the core in US.

3. Aqua Regia

This is the mixture of HCL and nitric acid. This mixture is used in large scale because, it can dissolve gold and does not have any adverse side effects to the environment. But, aqua regia too is a toxic mix, and proper ventilation is mandatory to let out the poisonous gas released when the mix is used.

4. Reverse Electroplating

This method involves ionization and is the reversal of the process by which gold is fixed to the devices. The gold is attached to the siphon, and this is done by adding a battery. Later the gold is extracted by making it attracted to another metallic object.

5. Bioleaching

This method involves the use of microorganisms like Chromobacterium violaceum. This aids in metal recycling. This process does not contaminate the environment and; therefore, considered the most suitable method to extract gold from the gold plated devices.

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Android App for eWaste Recycling

September 13th, 2013 · Comments Off on Android App for eWaste Recycling

This article is all about the various Android apps for e-waste recycling. Some of the best apps are given below, you can download them from Play Store.

It is often told that the emerging devices and the existing devices lead to the dumping of e-wastes in the planet. People are moving towards the positive side and are getting the support of the apps for saving the ecosystem by recycling e-waste. There are also apps that let you find the e-waste recycling centers close to you. Most of these apps are available for free of charge.

Here is the list of apps that can help you in contributing for the e-waste recycling process.

Android app for e-waste recycling

1. Ewaste App

This app is offered by “I GOT E-WASTE”. This app can be used for free to locate your nearest e-waste recycling centers. The greatest advantage of using this app is that you must not use a website to search online and when you install this app on your android device, it will do the job, and you can access the e-waste recycling centers.

2. eDebris app (NYC area)

If you are a resident of NYC area, then you can use this app and send a request to obtain the e-waste recyclers in NYC. eDebris eCyclers are glad to assist the residents of NYC in disposing the batteries, circuits and gadgets and also making the planet clean and green by dealing in the right way with the e-wastes.

3. 1800 Recycling.com

This app for the Android mobile phones makes it easy for you to find the e-waste recycling centers in your neighborhood. This is an easy way to find which is the closest recycling center to you  and makes it easy for you to organize the disposables efficiently. If you want to go green, then this free of charges app makes it too easy for you to do the same. You can find the recycling centers based on what you need. For instance, the materials you want to dispose off or specialized recyclers for specific recycling methods can be found using this app. Using this app you can share the details of the recycling centers through Gmail, Facebook, Twitter and through text messages.

4. PopScrap Recycling Software

This is a state compliant recycling app, and you can avail the services of this scrap buying software if you are a Scrap metal buyer, redemption center, bottle depot, core buyer, recycling center, redemption center, Ewaste buyer, CVR buyer, gold-silver or precious metal buyer and if you are dealing with anything second hand.

If you are related to any of the above mentioned categories across the world, then you can make use of this app. For this,  you need to pay one time fee for account set up, monthly subscription fees and hardware costs for once. You get username and password on paying the fees, and this information is mandatory to login to this app.

Moreover, paired with the app called BOSS, online real time scrap management service is offered. This is the topmost cloud service in e-waste recycling and offers the comprehensive business solution.

5. iRecycle

You can access more than 1,500,000 recycling centers to recycle more than 350 materials when you travel or when you stay at any place using this app. The required inputs or the zip code and address and you can know all about the recycling centers, like website, address and working hours.

6. T-Mobile Recycle Guide

This app tells all about the recycling centers in UK. The recycling centers also deal with other wastes like the Christmas trees. You can share the details with your friends through this free app and make your contribution for saving the environment.

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How to Increase Memory card size

September 11th, 2013 · Comments Off on How to Increase Memory card size

In this article we will tell you about how to increase memory card size. Here’s the complete detail about it.

A Flash card or Memory card is one of the electronic devices which are used in storing some essential information in the digital format. They are being used by many devices such as digital cameras, mobile devices, Laptop, computers, MP3 player and also in video games. It is one of the smallest forms of data storage and a real utility gadget. Generally each and every memory card has a specific capacity of storage. Some store larger capacity which could be unlimited, but some may have only 2 GB of storage space. Now the problem crops up when you have to store the data beyond the capacity of the device. The only option left with you then is increasing the memory card size.

Caught by surprise?  Well, technology does enable you with some useful tweaks and this is a full proof way which comes handy most of the times.

To begin with, you will have to download software for resizing the memory card. You could download this from any trusted web resource or can go directly to the site of the driver increaser software for the PC. You should also keep in mind that you should have formatted the drive which size you are planning to increase. For this you will have to go to “My computer”-and then right click on the device and format it. This specific software can increase the size of the memory card to any extent like 8 GB or 4 GB.

Memory Card

The software which you will download will be available to you zipped. Once downloaded you will have to extract it to your computer using a universal extractor. From here you will have to click on the “Drive Increase 2” icon and then click on the start button.

  • After executing the above step, your desktop screen will be displaying the command line environment. On the command window enter the name of the memory drive (here you will have to rename the memory drive). You can select the name according to your convenience.
  • Then you will have to select the drive letter from D, E or F. But ensure that you haven’t mentioned the name as D: E: F: (as they are name of the drives which are already existing on the system.)
  • If the process of creating the drive is successful, then you will be getting some information which would be available in Red color on the screen. In this process you will have to wait for some 3 seconds to get it fully functional.
  • Then you will have to press any key to exit from the main window which is displaying the information in red color.
  • And you are done. You memory card should now ideally have a larger capacity.

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Why is E-waste Recycling Important

September 10th, 2013 · Comments Off on Why is E-waste Recycling Important

In this article we will tell you why E-waste recycling is important. Here is the complete details about it.

Nothing is waste in this world.

This is a true and wise saying as the scare resources like flushed water too is being recycled through STP (Sewerage Treatment Plant) for saving the over exploitation of natural water sources. Similarly, we usually come across with the news about recycling of the waste materials like steel, plastic, paper etc. Experts say that majority of the used items can be recycled to produce new ones thus reducing the load on mining for resources and lower the environmental pollution.

The industrial revolution that took place during 18th century in the United Kingdom has spread like a wild fire throughout the world and has usurped the active industrial units. This has lead the modernization of the lifestyle with many instruments, gadgets and equipments being invented by the researchers. Manual works have been mechanized through automatic machines which can work faster than the humans.

On the same note, entertainment too has gone off the field in to the air or underground thus bringing radios, televisions and record players into life. Further researches have helped in producing power resources like batteries which can supply power in remote areas as well.

While up till here it is a happy story of invention and innovation and everything was looking absolutely beautiful. But when the reality made its entry on to the dais in the form of electronic waste, a huge chaos and confusion has settled on the minds of the visionary people like environmentalists. They quickly understood the dreadful effects of electronic waste aka E-Waste and have started finding the ways and means of tackling the rising heaps of E-waste.

As far as the common users are concerned, they were making merry with the careless discarding of the E-Waste with complete unawareness of their harmful effects on their own lives. By the time the actual realization has donned on to the society, enough damages were done to Mother Earth.

International organizations like the United Nations have quickly swung into the action of carrying out awareness campaigns and many countries particularly the biggest contributors to the pollution have joined hands in making these campaigns successful.

The importance of recycling E-waste can be summarized as below:

  • E-Waste is contributing to more than 70% of the environment pollution.
  • Precious metals like gold and silver are being lost due to mindless disposals of electronic items.
  • Careless dumping of batteries which contain harmful chemicals like mercury can spoil not only the environment but also the health of the humans who live in close proximities of landfills.
  • The poisonous effects of E-Waste can cause serious and adverse reversals of nature i.e. natural disasters.
  • Flora and fauna could get affected heavily thus destabilizing the bio-diversity that is crucial for the survival of the human race.

As a civilized and highly evolved species we can contribute to the efforts of environmentalists and safeguard the nature by adopting the following:

  • Every user of electronic goods must adhere to 3Rs i.e. Reduce, Recycle & Reuse.
  • Ensuring the safe disposal of E-Waste to protect the environment.

It is not only important to have socio-economical growth but also protecting the ecological and environmental surroundings. Safe disposal of e-waste is one of the best solutions for protecting our Mother Earth.

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Install Android Development Ubuntu 12.04

September 9th, 2013 · Comments Off on Install Android Development Ubuntu 12.04

In this article we will tell you how to install Android development environment on Ubuntu12.04. Here is the complete procedure:

Ubuntu is a Linux based operating system and is distributed with debian and unity. It is based on open source ideologies and distributed as free software. It is one of the most commonly distributed Linux forms in the open source estate.

The steps to handle the installation of the Android development ubuntu 12.04 are-

  • Begin with downloading the SDK of Android. Then you will have to select the platform of “Linux (i386)”. It doesn’t matter on which bit this is being executed. When you are finished with the download you can move ahead with the extraction of the content.
  • The same process could also be handled via the terminal itself but to achieve that you will have to write the given command on the same.

wget http://dl.google.com/android/android-sdk_r20-linux.tgz && tar -xvf android-sdk_r20-linux.tgz

  •  Once the whole process of extracting and downloading of the SDK is completed you can set the path for the command of the Android and also handle the adb for ensuring that it works in the appropriate manner.

export PATH=${PATH}:~/Dev/android-sdk-linux/tools:~/Dev/android-sdk-linux/platform-tools

  • It’s recommended that one should keep all the files in a single directory so that extraction and execution would be easy to handle. However, if you wish to set some other location then you can surely modify the directory based on your requirements.
  • After doing so you will also have to set the details on the .bashrc for loading it on the automatic basis at each and every boot sequence.

echo -e '\nexport PATH=${PATH}:~/Dev/android-sdk-linux/tools:~/Dev/android-sdk-linux/platform-tools' >> ~/.bashrc

  •  Post this you will be able to install the eclipse development environment

sudo apt-get install eclipse

  •  As the installation processes eclipse should be able to view the manager of the Android. For this you will have to go through the following windows->Android SDK Manager at the eclipse. From here you will have to select the options which you require for the development.
  • In case you are using the 64 bit platform, the below package needs to be installed for running the SDK.

sudo apt-get install ia32-libs

  •  Here you will be required to add the ADT (Android development tools) which is a plug-in for the eclipse.
  • For this click on the help-(which is available on the upper right side corner of the menu)- for installing the new software.
  • Then click on the add option which is available on the upper right side corner. In the repository of the add option enter the “ADT Plug-in” in the name  option  followed by defining the location URL.https://dl-ssl.google.com/android/eclipse/
  • After doing so you will have to click on the ok option which is available over there. In case you have some trouble with the “http” then you should go with the “https” option.
  • Once in the available software dialogue box -you will have to select the appropriate software from the developer’s tools and then move to the next part.
  • On the following window you will be able to see the list of tools available for downloading. Here also you have to click on the available next option.
  • Before you finish with the download there is the option for going through the terms and conditions (EULA). You should go through it thoroughly and check the box and tell that you have accepted and then click on ok. When it’s done restart the eclipse.
  • After this you will have to define the ADT settings. For which you should go through-Window->preference. This will open the panel of the preference –here you will have to choose Android available on the left side pane. For the location of the SDK, you will have to browse and then locate the downloaded SDK. And click on the option apply.
  •  If everything goes without any turmoil then you will be able to start working on your Android applications on a brand new user friendly platform.

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Electronics recycling in Oklahoma City

September 8th, 2013 · Comments Off on Electronics recycling in Oklahoma City

In this article we will tell you about Electronics recycling in Oklahoma City. Here are the complete details about it.

The word electronics is actually broad faceted! We use it in different forms around us almost everywhere for various purposes. We buy it, test it, use it, throw it, sell it, dismantle and then we again buy a new one. This the general scenario and life cycle of almost all electronic products are available throughout the world. Old and unused electronic products are non-bio degradable which are extremely harmful for the environment as they cause different types of pollution. So instead of throwing that old toaster in the junkyard and letting moss grow on it, it is advisable to recycle it and put it to good use!

In order to contribute to this cause in Oklahoma City, you can donate and distribute your old and unused electronic items to most recycling centers and hence do your bit for a better and cleaner environmental condition. Most electronic items have a limited life span after which the device does not work properly or need regular repairs which might turn out to be somewhat heavy on pocket as the replacement parts could be outdated or even unavailable at a certain time. So to avoid these kind of nuisances, it is better that you give it off to a recycling center who would put it to good use and not put a blow on your expenses. The recycle center will repair all types of electronic devices like computers, mobiles, televisions, music players, garden machines, kitchen appliances, auto parts, fax machines, batteries, copper or aluminum items, gaming consoles,  paper stuff, etc. This means that any and everything under the sun that is used on a daily purpose can be given.

This recycling process does not mean the resale of your devices.  Because the metals used on all of these devices can be reformed back for developing and fixing new appliances, they form part of the recycle chain. Metals are a valuable part of any appliance or instrument as they form the core of backbone. Most appliances use an alloy of two or more metals which are molded into various shapes. Towards the end of the lifecycle, if these metals are just left to rust, it is causing a huge blow in terms of proper usage of the metal and also creating a stir in terms of conversation. To cater to both these issues, recycling is the best method that is currently available to mankind.

Many recycle centers give you the option to choose for a pick-up service also so that you do not have to be bothered or worried about the transportation. Once you report or update them that the current appliance or device is no longer of any use to you, the concerned agency would take your donation and recycle it using heavy machinery so that the same device can be used as scrape metal for other devices. A little consciousness on your side can end a major percentage of devastation being caused by ignorance! So, do your bit for the environment today!

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