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25 Apps to Give your iPhone an Upgrade

March 4th, 2013 · No Comments

In this post we will tell you 25 apps to give your iPhone an upgrade. Here’s the list:

Apps can upgrade and improve the performance of your iPhone. Using apps have become part and parcel of life. But most people do not care to dig in far into the app store. What comes first is availed by them, without knowing whether or not it will be beneficial for them.

Here are best 25 apps that are worth trying out-



If you have a Voice Account at Google, then the iPhone optimized app can help you to make calls and send messages to phone numbers in the domain of United States for free. The rates are cheaper especially in case of international calls.


Camera+ app is one unbeatable app that can put life into dull and mundane pictures.


This app belongs to iCloud and gives you an option to stream pictures. It is unbeatable because no third party can upload a picture in its background without allowing this app to open first.

Smartr contacts

Majority of us maintains a list of contacts on our mailing services, mobile devises or at the social sites. But with the Smartr contacts app, it will become easy to maintain all contacts on the iPhone itself. It is capable of syncing the existing list of contacts and assimilating them together, with details like pictures and mail histories.


This app allows you to manage and edit your pictures better on your iPhones. Use only your fingers and edit pictures.

Quick Graph

Quick Graph ensures much more added computing features and mat be called an advanced calculator. Build equations, graphs and maps in 3D or 4D with this app.


You will have to spend $3.99 to download the Fantastical app, one of the most popular calendar apps in the market. Its user friendly style is the reason for its popularity and its serene aesthetics will make you forget the in-built apps in the Apple device.

Photo Sync

The Photo Sync app can be downloaded paying only two dollars, and it can stream pictures in between devises like your iPhone, Mac and laptops without any wire. Additionally there is a drop box facility via which you may see your snaps in a drop box format.


This free app enable you noting down with a cloud backup. Voice note and images are some more features.

Alarm Clock HD

Want your morning to be special? Try this app that streams content from social networking sites and give RSS feed.


Chrome as a browser is excellent, and when you get it as iOS browser it gives you added features like desktop ion a smaller screen.


Very close to Camera+ app, KitCam allows you to focus and expose pictures according to your whims.


This app helps you to sort between mails, navigate between conversations and make the inbox more efficiently managed.


This app manages your reminders and things to do list. It will work with your Mac computers and stream data from the device.

Speaktoit Assistant

This app may be called your virtual buddy, and it will be able to answer your questions, provide information and get you connected to the web.

Imo messenger

This app helps in chatting in between non- iOS and iOS users. There will be no separate apps instant messaging, cell to cell notes and VoIP calls.


Twitter on your iPhone will become even more convenient with handy gestures, image previews and integration with Instapaper and Favstar.

Google Maps

Just as, the old saying goes, with Google Maps it is simply impossible to get lost! It has overcome all the difficulties faced by Apple maps.


Ecoute is for those music aficionados who not only are concerned with the sound but also the pops and other options like album covers.

Dark Sky

Get your hourly forecasts, detecting your location automatically with this $3.99 app. It will state with accuracy when it is going to rain at your place!


With Instacast,  you will be able to skip, replay, note playback speed and manage podcasts effectively.

Ink Cards

With this app,  you can send cards from your iPhones customized with your photos and pictures. It is downloaded for free, but they will cost you $1.99 to be mailed.

Google Search

This app ranks second among voice activated apps on iOS. It is even better than Siri and beats it in speed and accuracy of results.


This may well replace Siri, as well. Evi interprets basic commands in English while you are doing myriads of work like surfing news, shopping or gathering local information.

Dragon Go

This app may replace Siri as well too! It was launched two months before Siri, in spite of that this is preferred because of its simplicity in using, and swiping facility.

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