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December 17th, 2012 · No Comments

Android has gained much popularity, especially in the past five years. In this article we will be seeing the 25 best Android Apps for tablets. 

The main reason behind its popularity is the huge collection of free apps on the Google Play Store (formerly known as Android Market).

Whether you own a Samsung Galaxy Tab, Amazon’s Kindle Fire or any other Android powered tablet, there are always a lot of cool and productive apps available to make your tab fully loaded with features. Many high end apps are available free of cost and a lot of amazing apps are being added to the Google Play Store every day.

android apps for tablets

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1.      TweetCaster

Price: Free

If you are a ‘Twitter’ addict and always want to ‘Tweet’ using your tablet, then you will be glad to use this app instead of the official twitter app. It has a very nice user interface with all the function provided on the left side. You can select to view tweets, pictures or even links. It can easily handle multiple accounts.

2.      Friend Me for FB

Price: Free

This app is useful for those who want to keep posting on Facebook using their tabs. The official FB app was basically designed for phones, but has recently been customized for tabs, while this app is specially designed for tablets, and thus, efficiently uses your tab’s screen space and divides it into different panes.

On the main screen you can access profiles, photos, messages and more. When you tap a notification, the relevant info appears on the right pane, including related posts and photos which can be read in detail by just tapping on them again.

 3.      Skitch

Price: Free

This is basically a photo editing app or one may say photo enhancement app. This may be called as a doodling app or an annotation app. This can be used to distort your friend’s face and have a laugh at it, or even to do some serious editing stuff.

With this you can easily add notes and comments to your pictures. You can even add animations which  are easy to replace and move. So if you get it at the wrong place, there is no need to redraw it, just move it.

4.      Ustream

Price: Free

This app utilizes the large tab screen to reproduce a great user interface where you can easily browse current live streams, recently uploaded videos or upcoming streams. You can also watch videos in full screen mode. As the name suggests, you can also shoot your video and upload it using Ustream.

 5.      Songkick Concerts

Price: Free

This is a perfect app for hardcore music lovers who do not want to miss their favorite concerts. This app automatically scans your music library and brings you relevant information regarding the related concerts near you. If you are using ICS 4.0 OS then you will also get a home screen widget to view latest concerts at a glance.

 6.      Firefox

Price: Free

After much waiting our very own Mozilla Firefox made its debut in the Android world. I am sure after getting this app you will be using Firefox instead of the stock browser because this firefox has been optimized for tablets. It has a feature to sync bookmarks and history with the desktop version. It is also supports flash which makes it better than the stock browser.

 7.      IM + PRO

Price: £2.99

This app integrates Skype, Facebook chat and loads of other instant messaging apps into one. It has options to send notes, text and voice messages to friends. This is very useful for those people who need to be connected to everyone at all times.

 8.      Feedly

Price: Free

It is an Android alternative for Flipboard. It is a personalized magazine that gives stories from Google Reader, Tumblr, Facebook and others. It learns from your past researches and filters results as per your interests.

 9.      News 360 for tablets

Price: Free

It is a news aggregator which catches content from around 10,000 news sites. It learns from your RSS and social accounts about your interests and filters results accordingly.

10. Tweetcomb

Price: Free

This is a twitter client which focuses on honeycomb tablets. It effectively utilizes big screens and you can tweak notifications yourself.

11. Comics

Price: Free

This is an app for comic lovers. It is a combined comic store and a reader’s app which is the best one of its kind. The most exclusive feature of this app is that it offers comics from Marvel comics as well as DC Comics. The ‘Guided View’ technology aids in UI navigation easily.

 12.  Google Books

Price: Free

This is a tablet version of the Google’s cloud based e-book service. These can be read from any of your Android device devices and there are various free titles to choose from.

 13. IMDB Movies and TV

Price: Free

The world’s largest database on movies and TV programs looks even more impressive on a tabs large screen. You can shuffle through the database and even watch trailers. It provides all the features of the actual website in a very organized manner.

 14. Kindle

Price: Free

It used to be an alternative to Apple’s iBook and is now available as an app for Android as well. The books can be bought from Amazon e-store and read on your slate. You may also sync other devices that you use with the tab.

 15. Netflix

Price: Free

This app is now available for many other countries after being launched in the UK in Jan 2012. One can browse its catalog on films and TV programs. You can also rent or watch these titles live on your tablet.

 16. Tune in Radio

Price: £0.61

This app is already a very huge success on various platforms including Android. The owners can search and tune in to various radio stations around the world and listen to live radio over the internet.

 17. Angry Birds

Price: Free

Though obvious, Angry Birds is a nice strategy game with realistic physics concepts and cool graphics. This must have app helps you throw away boredom from your life.

This is an amazing app by Rovio Inc. which is amusing everyone around the world. It is as suited for tablets as for smartphones. The latest ‘Angry Birds Space’ is an extension to the game where the birds have gone into space and is filled with new adventures.

 18. Grand Theft Auto 3

Price: £2.99

After 10 years of its initial release, this game has finally come to tablets. This game has a free-style gameplay with well thought touch controls which make up for the absence of game controller. The game is nice but be careful as it contains a lot of violence. So user discretion is required.

 19. Onlive

Price: Free

This app turns your tab into an online gaming hub where you can play live online games provided that your Wi-Fi connection is pretty speedy. This  becomes even more interesting as new games are added every day.

 20. Dropbox

Price: Free

This app makes it possible to carry your photos, documents and media files on the go. This works on the concept of cloud computing and these files can be accessed from any platform. Just like other platforms, the Android version also has a neat and easy user interface.

21. HD Widgets

Price: £1.29

Widgets are one of the features offered by Android which distinguishes it from the iOS. This app allows you access to beautiful HD widgets such as clock, weather etc. Tablet users will love to tweak their tabs with these widgets to fill their screen’s real estate.

 22. Slideit Keyboard

Price: £3.79

The users who did not get Swype keyboard with their stock firmware can make use of this app which is considered even better than the Swype Keyboard. Slideit keyboard delivers fastest typing with finger trace technology rather than recognizing finger taps.

 23. Adobe Photoshop Touch

Price: £6.99

It is a revamped avatar of our very own and famous Adobe Photoshop, the most widely used photo editing and 3D designing software on PC. This version is optimized for touch screen based devices. Moreover it comes with certain powerful features thus making it useful for serious editing stuff. It  can also be synced back to the desktop version.

24. Opentable

Price: Free

Confused so as to in which restaurant you must take your spouse for dinner? Well, Opentable is here to your rescue. This app performs a very good job in finding close by eateries, plots them on a map and helps you decide whether they are worth a booking or not. It also shows community based reviews of these eateries.

25. Accuweather for Honeycomb

Price: Free

Whether it will rain or it will be scorching hot or it will be freezing cold with a possibility of snow fall, it tells you all. It provides you weather information from around the world and gives you a tablet friendly window to do so.

These apps might not be the best 25 apps for Android but are definitely worth giving a shot on your Android based tablets.


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