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405-755-3131: Pacebutler Services

January 8th, 2013 · No Comments

405-755-3131 is primarily a number through which Pacebutler customer outreach team provides various options to customers who’re interested in selling their old Cell Phone.

Here’s a short brief about Pacebutler.com and the services they provide:

About PaceButler:

Founded in 1987 with a small capital of just $62.53, Pacebutler is one of the popular companies in US which takes care of recycling used cellphones. Tom was aspiring to build an organization which provides a great place for its employees to remain successful in both their personal life as well as professional life and he came up with a business idea of recycling used cell phones. His ambition is to ensure that every person who does business with Pacebutler Corporation gets benefitted in a positive way.  If you are a non-profit organization planning to organize fundraisers by collecting used cell phones, then you can get the help of Pacebutler.

We are only company which provides the best solutions for re-selling or recycling your used Mobile phones. We pay up to 150$ for a used phone after it undergoes testing by the experts at our company. We provide a healthy, successful and encouraging atmosphere to our staff and vendors. Our staff are properly trained perform their duties in an efficient manner. We also maintain a friendly atmosphere which encourages power, love and confidence among the employees. We strive hard to fulfill the contributions and responsibilities of our employees and provide with excellent financial benefits.

With help of cellphone re-selling or recycling techniques from Pacebutler, Customers will be able to sell used mobile phones at decent market price. We provide them with quick and easy buyback program where people can make money from their used cell phones. All our customers are pleased with our services and they find it easy to resell their used phones through us. Our Customer support team is very friendly and responds promptly to the queries of users. In order to sell your used to PaceButler, all you require is login to our website and provide the details of your phone along with your Address, Name, Email so that you can generate your pre-paid shipping label. You can use this label for packing your used mobile phones which can be couriered to our company through Fedex or US postal. Our team of experts will test the individual phones and determine whether they can reused or recycled. Based on the value estimated you will be sent a check to your contact address within 2 business days.

As a Green revolution company, PaceButler aims at preventing the landfiling of E-waste such as cellphones that are dangerous to environment and leads to soil pollution. We have created a unique “Win-Win” technique of recycling or reselling used phones through which we aim at creating a sustainable environment without land pollution. The harmful toxic materials present in used phones poison the ground water and result in degradation of the ecosystem. We strive hard to prevent this pollution by recycling unused phones so that it can be converted back to usable products.

We receive more than 70, 000 used phones every month and process them to determine which could be reused and recycled. More than 20% of phones that are received by us are deemed not usable and sent for recycling while other phones are tested properly and sold out back to customers. At PaceButler, we are committed towards providing quality products to our customers who trust us and have long-term business relationship with us. We are rated as A+ by the Better Business Bureau (BBB) because of the high quality of service and good relationship with customers. We have celebrated around 25 years of successful business and are expanding our presence through Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube and other social media platforms.

If you receive a call from our number: 405-755-3131, you ca express your views whether you

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