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5 Beautiful Solar Array Designs To Power Up Your Electric Cars

August 16th, 2011 · No Comments

The article enlists 5 beautiful solar array designs to power up your electric cars. Here are the list:

Solar Tree Design

Electric vehicles are coming of age, so to speak. Not only are more people these days increasingly and keenly aware of the environmental price of continuing our use of fossil fuels indefinitely into the future, they’re also adapting new technologies to mitigate the nearsightedness of previous years. Hybrids and electric vehicles are becoming commonplace but unless we can increase the percentage of renewables (solar, wind, biofuels, etc.) in our electricity mix, we’re merely kicking the can down the road because in reality many of our EVs and hybrids will still be powered by a polluting fossil fuel – coal.

The following are five design concepts, featured at EcoFriend, of solar arrays or solar trees purposely created to pump earth-friendly solar-powered juice to your electric vehicles:

1. Nissan’s electric vehicle charging station

With a conversion rate of 30%, this Nissan-designed sunflower-inspired charging station is a beautifully-conceptualized groupings of translucent solar panels boast of wireless charging from a pad at the base of the structure.

2. Envision’s vehicle-charging solar trees in PA

The solar trees designed by Envision Solar International, Inc. based in San Diego are said to generate about 28,000 kilowatt hours of power per year and can accommodate two EVs for charging at the same time. They’re also used to provide electricity to the parking area and the streets of this facility of Axion Power International.

3. Pinnifarna’s solar tree to charge electric vehicles

Named Antares by its maker, Pinnifarna of Italy, this solar tree station has 20 photovoltaic solar panels generating up to 4.6 kilowatts of electricity. Originally designed as a complement to the company’s Nido EV, this array is capable of charging to EVs simultaneously.

4. Solarflora

Darren Saravis of of Nectar design has planted a beautiful solar tree, named the Solarflora, in Long Beach, Southern California. This array can generate up to 750 watt-hours per day enough to power small electric vehicles, electric bikes, street lights, and some small offices in the area.

5. Solar forest charging station for electric vehicles

Designed by Neville Mars, the Solar Forest, is designed to not only to provide clean energy to electric vehicles but to shelter parking vehicles, as well. It boasts of rotating PV leaves that follow the sun in its trajectory and has individual power outlets at the base of each tree.

via: Eco Friend

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