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5 Clever Sustainable Inventions

August 9th, 2011 · No Comments

This article tells you about 5 clever sustainable inventions to preserve the environment while still providing us with the conveniences of modern-day living.

Shade balls Ivanhoe Reservoir

Protecting the environment is a priority for many people. Brilliant minds devote energy and time every day to come with ways to preserve the environment while still providing us with the conveniences of modern-day living. The folks at Eco Localizer compiled this list of a few clever, earth-friendly inventions, that make living just a bit easier for the rest of us:

Shade Balls at the Ivanhoe Reservoir

The Ivanhoe Reservoir is a man-made reservoir in Silver Lake in Los Angeles is the source of clean drinking water for 6 million in the city and its surrounding areas. In 2008, the reservoir had to be drained after the city’s Department of Water and Power (DWP) discovered the formation of bromide in the lake. Bromate is a carcinogenic substance that forms from the interaction of sunlight, bromide, and chlorine. DWP’s solution was to dump 400,000 plastic balls to cover the lake’s surface to shade the surface from sunlight which triggers the deadly chemical reaction.

Waterless Washing Machine

Have you ever thought about how much water and power is consumed by clothes washing? A lot really, if you add up all the households washing clothes every day or every week. In a world where water is becoming a scarce resource, our practice of using gallons and gallons of water to wash clothes is clearly unsustainable. The good news is that researchers from the University of Leeds have come up with the solution — the Xeros washing machine

Eco Laptop

Asus has a notebook that has bamboo for its casing. But it’s green on the inside as well – with recyclable plastic, no paints, no electroplating, easy to replace or upgrade spare parts. It’s available in the market now and if you’re looking for ways to go green on your computing, this is the way to go.

The Chicago EcoBridge

The Windy City is in the process of changing its moniker to the Greenest City in the Midwest. Thanks to a spate of earth-friendly construction, Chicago has become a forerunner among metropolitan areas working to create sustainable urban spaces. It’s latest project: The Chicago EcoBridge, a 2 mile structure extending from the Adler Planetarium to Wacker Drive extending like an arc into the lake. The bridge designed by the firm Adrian Smith+Gordon Gill will be dotted with wind turbines, built on permeable slag to protect the lake fish, and will have its own waling and jogging lane.

The Zero-Pollution Motor

Zero Pollution cars running on air has its own appeal among certain market segments but some experts question the efficiency of cars using compressed air for propulsion. Unfazed, startup Zero Pollution Motors is set to introduce its car in the United States this year, boasting of a fuel economy of 105 mpg for it’s six-cylinder motor and a range of 850 miles.

via: EcoLocalizer
Photo: LA Department of Water and Power

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