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7 Compelling Reasons To Own An Electric Car

November 1st, 2011 · 1 Comment

Nissan Leaf Electric Vehicle
A Nissan Leaf electric vehicle. EcoFriend recently posted an article called “7 Good reasons to drive an electric car.”

Electric car manufacturers like Nissan with their Leaf, General Motors with their Chevy Volt (recycled parts and all), Mercedes with their F Cell hydrogen car has finally delivered their respective EVs to dealership centers across the U.S. After years of build-up, electric vehicles have finally arrived.

Should you get one now? Introductory price ranges from $32,780 (Nissan Leaf) to $87,400 (Fisker Karma plug in hybrid), it’s a bit expensive at this time but if you can (and you should) get subsidies in the form of federal income tax credit ($7,500) and state tax credits and rebates, that would slash the price point for you to more wallet-friendly levels.

If you’re still contemplating about it and listing your reasons why you should switch to EV now or in the next few months, this article at EcoFriend called “7 Good reasons to drive an electric car” should help you. So, what are the reasons for you to own and drive an electric vehicle?

1. Zero Air Pollution
2. Conserve Gas
3. Save Money
4. Save Time
5. Help The Economy
6. Fight Global Warming
7. Protect The Environment

Well, if getting free parking or great service at LAX or JFK for driving an EV isn’t reason enough for you, you really should check out EcoFriend’s article. Just kidding. Go and read it, it’s a well-written, informative piece.

via EcoFriend

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  • 1 Haul it Louisville Guy // Nov 9, 2011 at 3:10 pm

    I hope that the expense on these vehicles go down like all new technologies. I would like to have one but that is just to expensive. i wonder about dependability and how the cost will go down in years to come when there are a lot of used EV’s out there