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8 Great Recycling and Green Lenses on Squidoo

August 26th, 2010 · 1 Comment

Here’s the list of 8 great recycling and green lenses on Squidoo.

Video on styrofoam recycling and crafts made of EPS that we featured on our own Squidoo lens.

There are probably hundreds and hundreds of great recycling and environment lenses on Squidoo right now and in time, we”ll be able to enjoy and learn from many of them. In the meantime, here’s a list of some of the lenses I’ve read this past week that I thought you might enjoy reading too:

1. 50 Things you can recycle
By: TheGreenerMe

This is one of the my all-time favorite lenses on recycling. There’s just too much stuff that we impulsively purchase and most of the time we end up throwing away a lot of stuff that we no longer need. This is TheGreenerMe’s practical guide to recycling almost anything you can think of in any ordinary American home today. If you read or bookmark just one recycling lens, make it this one.

2. 50 Things you can Reuse
By: The GreenerMe

Recycling is great but reusing is even better. Reusing, repurposing, upcycling – whatever you call it – is the art of finding a second life for any item that you don’t use or need anymore. It’s better than recycling since it keeps trash away from the landfill while not requiring any significant fuel or energy input. Another great lens by TheGreenerMe.

3. Reusing Household Items for Green crafts
By: boutiqueshops

Creating and selling handicrafts from old household materials is a fast growing industry. Rather than throw away old clothes, toys, etc., you can actually create plenty of useful and attractive items from your trash. Whether you’re planning to become the next handicrafts magnate on eBay or simply want to declutter your house, I’m sure you’ll find this Green Crafts lens by Boutiqueshops an excellent guide.

4. How to Reuse Old CD or DVD
By: a_willow

Think about music for a second and you’ll probably also think of CDs. Before we got the iPod or bought a single hit from iTunes, we were all listening to our favorite artists’ CDs. If you’re about to throw away those hundreds of shiny discs cluttering your drawer, this lens may come in handy.

5. How to Reuse Egg Cartons?
By: a_willow

Thanks to our appetite for omelet and scramble eggs, egg cartons are nearly as ubiquitous as disposable plastic bag trash. Have you ever thought of doing something about those egg cartons other than dumping into your kitchen bin? There just might be a great egg carton DIY project you’d love to try out in this lens by A_willow.

6. 50 ways to go green
By: Lori_Lee-Ray

Going green or living an environment-friendly lifestyle doesn’t mean chasing after whaling ships in the Pacific or sailing a plastic bottle boat into the great unknown. Oftentimes, it’s just some small incremental and hardly perceptible changes in the way we perceive things and the way we conduct our daily lives. The list on this lens is a great starting point.

7. Best Green Gifts 2010 – Top 10
By: flowski

This one is actually the number one green lens on Squidoo. It’s probably as well promoted as it is useful to many different people. If you’re stressing over trying to find a gift for someone that he or she would love while also showing your commitment to the environment, stress no more. This great lens will help you find that ideal green gift.

8. Styrofoam Recycling

Of course, this list will not be complete without a bit of self-promotion. This lens was created over a year ago and somehow, has become popular on Squidoo. I’ve recently added a few modules and videos, and we’re continuing to work to make this styrofoam recycling lens more informative and relevant. I’ll be adding more videos, pics, and possibly, a link roll of some selected EPS recycler in the US, so stay tuned.

There you have it, our pick for the top 10 Recycling and Environmental lenses on Squidoo. If you have other lenses or wikis focused on recycling and other green issues, please feel free to add those in the comments section below. Thanks.

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