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All you need to know about Apple iPhone 5

September 14th, 2012 · No Comments

Here in this article have a look at everything all you need to know about Apple iPhone 5:

The moment gadget freaks have been waiting for is finally here – Last week, Apple unveiled its latest iPhone. Even though the iPhone 5 seems more like a slightly-tweaked and upgraded version of the 4S, it’s pretty much guaranteed to be the object of desire for a lot of tech savvy consumers.

The iPhone series, since their launch four years ago, have become perhaps the most sought-after phones and even Android powerhouses from HTC and Samsung have failed to knock them off their perch. The iPhone 5 offers several new features over the 4S, but is it really the device you want? Does it make sense for you to upgrade? Here’s a look at everything you wanted to know about Apple’s iPhone 5:

iphone 5

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  • Screen: The iPhone 5 packs a slightly-different aspect ratio as compared to the 4S. While older iPhones were all 3.5 inches, the new one uses a 16:9 ratio for a 4-inch size. This makes the phone longer, and perhaps better for watching movies. The full sRGB display is , as expected, retina class.
  • Size: Apart from being slightly longer, the iPhone 5 is thinner – 0.29 inches at its thickest. This, as Apple claims, makes the iPhone 5 the thinnest LTE smartphone in the world.
  • LTE: The iPhone 4S lacked LTE support, which was a negative for some buyers. The new one now packs in LTE connectivity to ensure the fastest data speeds around
  • Camera: The iPhone 5’s camera features an 8-megapixel sensor – the same as the 4S – but has better image stabilization, face detection, and panoramic mode features. The camera by itself is a compelling reason to buy the iPhone 5
  • Processor: The iPhone 5 uses an A6 processor, which it says is twice as fast as the processor used in the iPhone 4S
  • Others: The iPhone 5 will come installed with iOS 6, which features Apple’s own mapping and navigation software. Buyers should also find Siri more effective, while the new EarPod earphones should be far tougher and longer lasting than the old iPod earbuds. One negative aspect of the new 4S is the new Lightning connector. This will make obsolete all your old connectors and docks, so you can expect to either have to buy new ones or to buy adapters.

Again, with Apple accessories being rather high-priced, this could be a turn-off for many buyers. One feature missing in the iPhone is NFC. Near Field Communication(NFC) are being touted as the next step, but Apple has decided not to include this feature. Of course, with NFC still a nascent technology, it perhaps won’t matter to most buyers.

Can the iPhone 5 compete with the other heavyweights ?

The iPhone 5 may not be a complete change as many were expecting, it is more of an evolutionary step rather than a revolutionary one. While Samsung’s Galaxy S3, the HTC One X, and Nokia’s yet-unreleased Lumia 920 might have a lot more features, the Apple ‘ecosystem’ still looks very attractive. For those with older iPhones, this is a great upgrade, while new buyers can also look forward to the many apps in the App Store and of course, the cachet an iPhone enjoys!

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