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Android App for eWaste Recycling

September 13th, 2013 · No Comments

This article is all about the various Android apps for e-waste recycling. Some of the best apps are given below, you can download them from Play Store.

It is often told that the emerging devices and the existing devices lead to the dumping of e-wastes in the planet. People are moving towards the positive side and are getting the support of the apps for saving the ecosystem by recycling e-waste. There are also apps that let you find the e-waste recycling centers close to you. Most of these apps are available for free of charge.

Here is the list of apps that can help you in contributing for the e-waste recycling process.

Android app for e-waste recycling

1. Ewaste App

This app is offered by “I GOT E-WASTE”. This app can be used for free to locate your nearest e-waste recycling centers. The greatest advantage of using this app is that you must not use a website to search online and when you install this app on your android device, it will do the job, and you can access the e-waste recycling centers.

2. eDebris app (NYC area)

If you are a resident of NYC area, then you can use this app and send a request to obtain the e-waste recyclers in NYC. eDebris eCyclers are glad to assist the residents of NYC in disposing the batteries, circuits and gadgets and also making the planet clean and green by dealing in the right way with the e-wastes.

3. 1800 Recycling.com

This app for the Android mobile phones makes it easy for you to find the e-waste recycling centers in your neighborhood. This is an easy way to find which is the closest recycling center to you  and makes it easy for you to organize the disposables efficiently. If you want to go green, then this free of charges app makes it too easy for you to do the same. You can find the recycling centers based on what you need. For instance, the materials you want to dispose off or specialized recyclers for specific recycling methods can be found using this app. Using this app you can share the details of the recycling centers through Gmail, Facebook, Twitter and through text messages.

4. PopScrap Recycling Software

This is a state compliant recycling app, and you can avail the services of this scrap buying software if you are a Scrap metal buyer, redemption center, bottle depot, core buyer, recycling center, redemption center, Ewaste buyer, CVR buyer, gold-silver or precious metal buyer and if you are dealing with anything second hand.

If you are related to any of the above mentioned categories across the world, then you can make use of this app. For this,  you need to pay one time fee for account set up, monthly subscription fees and hardware costs for once. You get username and password on paying the fees, and this information is mandatory to login to this app.

Moreover, paired with the app called BOSS, online real time scrap management service is offered. This is the topmost cloud service in e-waste recycling and offers the comprehensive business solution.

5. iRecycle

You can access more than 1,500,000 recycling centers to recycle more than 350 materials when you travel or when you stay at any place using this app. The required inputs or the zip code and address and you can know all about the recycling centers, like website, address and working hours.

6. T-Mobile Recycle Guide

This app tells all about the recycling centers in UK. The recycling centers also deal with other wastes like the Christmas trees. You can share the details with your friends through this free app and make your contribution for saving the environment.

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