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Android Application for Designers

March 11th, 2013 · No Comments

Here in this post we will tell you some of the best Android application for designers. Here’s the list of some:

Android operating system has always been considerate and generous towards web designers and developers. Over the years hundreds of applications for designers have hit the market which has been specially customized for android users. Out of these hundreds we’ve hand-picked some of the best applications. These android applications, we think, are must have for all professional as well as budding developers and designers.

Magic Color Picker

An android application totally dedicated to colors. Well, choosing right colors and right amount colors are key to the success of any design. And, this application helps you achieve exactly that. It provides you value of colors in 4 color formats: hexadecimal, HSV, YUV, RBG and HSL. You can choose colors either from palette or sliders – the final choice is yours.

Free Draw

Designers always die to express their imagination and creativity. And this application exactly helps you to do that. This application helps you to create drawings and artwork with absolute ease. This application also gives you in-built folder where you can store all your final work. This app is great for all those designers who want to use their free time for doing something imaginative.

Photo workshop 

Photo workshop is shorter and simpler version of adobe Photoshop – especially made for android mobiles and tablets. This application provides you everything that you expect from a photo editing software: text overlay, crop, rotate, frames, edges and many other functions. Needless to say, this application is must have for all the professional designers.

Photoshop for Android

This application comes closest to Photoshop software – the ultimate photo editing software. If you’re a big fan of Photoshop (which by the way every professional designer is) then you got to have this application in your mobile phone. This application is just as good as adobe Photoshop.


An application designed to make sketching fun and joyful activity. The reason I have included this application in this list is because sketching is an important part of designer’s job. Well, this may not be out and out professional software, but it will nevertheless help you in brushing up your sketching skills. This application has 20 brushes and erasers. And even better, it helps you to share your work via emails, MMS etc.

Sketch Book Express

While the previous application that we discussed was semi-professional, this software/application however is completely professional meant for budding and professional designers. This is professional grade paint and drawing application offering hosts of sketching and drawing tools. What is also very impressive about this application is that it has very user-friendly and stream lined interface.


Scribbler is touch & finger painting application. This application makes painting & drawing an absolute fun filled activity. And it is not at all semi professional application. It is absolutely loaded with loads of  features and customizations.

Image Editor

A fine and user friendly android application that helps to edit images on your Android phone. A fine application indeed that will help you to brush up your editing skills.

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