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Android Apps for Autism

February 8th, 2013 · No Comments

In this post we will tell you some of the Android apps for Autism. Autism is a disorder of neural development characterized by impaired social interaction.

  • Android is an open source operating system designed mainly for smartphones and touchscreen tablet computers. Due to it being open source, it is conducive to creation of apps for various uses.
  •  Autism is one of the prevalent disorders in society with approximately six percent of human population suffering autism spectrum disorders.  Android has spawned a range of apps to disseminate information about autism, enable discussions and play games to mitigate the effects of autism.
  • One of the most popular app is “Autism Speaks”.  It is designed as a forum for sharing news, views and opinion on autism. It has six main sections viz. Blog, Family Services, Science News, Advocacy Actions, All News and Videos. The app is quite easy to use and helps autistic persons and their near and dear ones to stay updated on latest on autism.
  •  On similar lines is an app named “Behaviour Support for Autism”.  This app provides information for parents, caretakers and educators of children who need positive methods to support behaviour.



  •  Another very useful app is “Number Sequence – Autism Series”.  This app is designed to help autistic kids to visually recognize and name numbers. It is designed as a game which attracts the kids to use it. However, the game has only one minute of activity and, therefore, is suitable only for those kids who are just beginning to learn numbers.
  • Another interesting android app for Autism is “Match Me”. Designed as a game, there are rows of face- down cards with letters and objects on them. The player is allowed to flip two cards at a time. If the letters and the object match, the cards remain face up and animation starts.  Else, the player goes back to the original state of cards. This app has been designed to help autistic kids improve their memory, concentration and attention span.
  •  This app is quite similar to “Animal Memory” app which is a card game with animal matching sound.  The differentiator is that “Animal Memory” has levels easy, medium and hard thus helping the parent gauge the level of proficiency that the child attains over a period of time.
  •  While the above apps are aimed at improving numerical and other abstract skills of autistic persons, there are other apps available which address the root of autistic behaviour. An autistic person basically has trouble understanding human emotions and gestures. To address this malady, there are apps such as “Face Read”, “Emotions and Feelings” etc.  For those having Asperger Syndrome, apps like “Face Read” are a boon as they help in interpreting people’s facial expressions. This app is useful for both spur of the moment difficulties as well as for practice.
  • “Emotions and Feelings” tells stories about different emotions and visual support for how someone is feeling, or identifying feelings or emotions.
  •  “Turn Taker” is an app that teaches autistic children how to take turns and wait while their turn arrives.
  • To sum up, apps for autistics are available galore on android.  Both paid and free apps are available. One needs to take time and browse through them to get to one that suits autistic person requirements.

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