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Android Apps for Children 2013

July 16th, 2013 · No Comments

In this article we will tell you about Android Apps for Children. Some of the most popular Android Apps for Children 2013 are given below:

Android apps are new way of education and fun while learning and playing now. Parents looking for android apps to educate and/or entertain their kids can view this list of best android apps for children in 2013

The Little Mermaid

Swim across the bottom of the ocean as the Little Mermaid as she goes on a great adventure in this magical and fantastic fairy tale specially adapted for young readers inspired from Hans Christian Andersen’s classic.

Toy Story Andy’s Room

Hang-out with Toy Story gang in an interactive live wallpaper application. Personalize  and customise your phone with an animated, fun background that is packed with excitement.

Step into the Toy Story universe by entering into Andy’s room on your very own device. This wallpaper will brighten your day and give extra entertainment with amusing and interactive activities.

Temple Run: Oz

A very thrilling running experience is now available in the yellow brick road. It became No. 1 across the world within few hours of launch. It has lush green environments, a tried and true game mechanics, and the unique worlds and mini games that separate it from rest of the Temple Run games.

Hunches in Bunches

An adolescent boy with many great ideas is led in too many directions by a number of Seussian hunches such as Sour Hunch, Very Odd Hunch, Homework Hunch, Four-Way Hunch, Nowhere Hunch, and creatures with good, bad and silly advices but mysterious creatures having large gloves on their head reply with crazy and bad ideas, even with some creatures contradicting their own ideas.

Zoe’s Green Planet

Zoe is little green girl living on a planet with everything green on it. As a result she only knows about one colour which is green. Until the day when a red spaceship lands and the Takino family belonging to the red planet decides to settle down on the green planet.

Discover a humorous, poetic and tender universe with wonderful illustration by Matt Roussel with a paper Mache style.

Wombi Helicopter

Make your own helicopter for an amazing rescue adventure. The citizens of the city have taken too many balloons and are now floating into the sky. You need to build a perfect helicopter and go on a rescue mission. Build your aircraft, colour it, and fly through the city to pick up the citizens before it’s too late. Be careful though because an evil skunk has tracked you down and is out to capture your flight.

Pokemon TV

Watch Pokémon on the go through the Pokémon TV application. Watch amazing Pokémon animated adventures of Ash, Pikachu, and their friends. Also, watch the exciting special features and trailers of upcoming Pokémon movies. It’s the best app for Pokémon fans to watch Pokémon TV episodes.

These are some of our favourite best Android apps for children from 2013 till now, but we’re looking forward to write about many more upcoming apps this year. These will keep your children busy and they will love it.

Hope this article about Android Apps for Children 2013 helped you.

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