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Android Apps For Filmmakers

March 18th, 2013 · No Comments

In this article we will tell you about android apps for filmmakers. Here’s the list of some.

There are plenty of android applications that can prove quite handy for amateur as well as professional film makers. These applications will smoothen & simplify the film-making process and will eventually lead to better end result. So, here is the list of some of the best android applications for film-makers.

Artemis Director’s Viewfinder

Professional film-makers and cinematographers always use different type of lenses to get variety of shots. But, won’t it be helpful if film makers come to know beforehand how a shot is going to look like with a particular lens. I guess most film-makers and cinematographers will agree on this. Artemis Director’s Viewfinder will exactly help you achieve that.

You can choose from array of lens & cameras this application has to offer and find out what kind of shot you can expect from particular lens. This application will help in enhancing visualization. It is equally handy for rehearsing and blocking.

Android Apps For Filmmakers

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SL DigiSlate

This is a film slate application. There are two reasons why this application can be a great boon for film-makers. Firstly, traditional & non digital slates are pretty time consuming and are not exactly error free. Secondly, the real & actual digital slates are pretty expensive. This application offers everything that an actual digital slate offers – time code, log shots etc.

Kodak Cinema Tools

Kodak has been associated with films ever since film making became a thriving industry. And, now Kodak has made another valuable contribution to film-making in form of a well designed application. Kodak Cinema tool is actually a calculator cum glossary list.

It helps in calculating  depth-of-field & film running time and also provides you with comprehensive list of film terminologies. The depth of field calculator will prove pretty handy for your cinematographer & film calculator will be of great help for production unit.

Location scout

Ever wonder which are some of the classic movies or television series that were shot just near where you’re currently staying or working. There are chances that you might not know. So, here is an android application that will help you scout great film locations via information compiled by IMDB. This application will be of immense help for pre-production.


Another fine Android application for cinematographers and cameramen’s. From solar calculations to field-of-view charts, this application has host of features that will help you to precisely calculate depth of filed. But, the most amazing thing about this application is that it has a very user-friendly & detailed interface.

Actor Genie

Finally an application that is wholly dedicated to budding and inspiring actors. This application will provide you latest information about dates & locations of auditions in your nearby area. And what’s even better, this application also provides comprehensive list of professional casting directors and agents in the industry. This application is surely worth having for all the budding actors who are serious about making it in the industry.

On parting note we would like to say that all the applications –whether they are film or non film applications – are work in progress applications. As in they may not be perfect today but will only get better as time passes by

So, all the android applications that we’ve mentioned above are surely set to have better interface and more tools in the near future, which will invariably lead to improvement in the quality of film making.

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