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Android Apps For Journalists

January 30th, 2013 · No Comments

In this post we will be telling you some really great Android apps for journalists. Here’s the list of some:

Technology has made lives easy for everyone from every niche. Journalists and writers are no exception to it. Technology has shifted their focus from their pens and pencils to tabs and mobile screens which are much more flexible, portable and easy to work with and without any hassles. In this post we will be discussing some really great Android apps that are specifically beneficial for journalists and writers in their jobs.

android apps for journalists

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1. Camera Zoom FX

This additional camera application provides you with a much more control over your camera than your stock camera app. With this you can easily shoot and edit pictures the way you desire. It has been listed as the best camera app many a times and is worth it.

2. HDR Camera

The HDR camera that is an acronym for high dynamic range provides you, as the name suggests, a greater dynamic range in between the darkest and the lightest areas in a particular photo that provides your image rich and finer details and vivid colors.

3. PicsArt Photo Studio

This app provides you access to really powerful yet basic editing functions for your clicked photographs when you do not have access to your powerful desktop and desktop photo editing apps and suites. You have a lot of filter effects and text adding capabilities in this app. Also you can always adjust the brightness and contrast of your photos using the app.

4. Imageotag

This is basically a simple filed camera application that helps you in tagging your images with information such as date, time, location, compass data and many other attributes to your clicked pics.

It does not only helps you in clicking images but can be combined with the power of your DSLR camera to add further digital geo tagging and other information to your images which cannot be done via the DSLR itself.

This app utilizes Google earth to geo tag your images which is quite accurate.

5. Bambuser

It is a real time video feed broadcast app that allows you to broadcast your video feed simultaneously or you may save it for later distribution. This app has actually been used by other professional journalists to broadcast their news.

6. AndroMedia Video Editor

This app is a photo editing app that allows you to professionally edit photos while you are on the move. You can easily import photos and videos and them trim them, crop them or add transitions into them and then share them via any desired cloud app like DropBox, messaging, Gmail, YouTube or simply share them via Bluetooth.

7. PCM Recorder

This is a recording app, more of a spy audio recording app which is a must have for every journalist. Though the app uses the internal microphone to record audio but this app is loved because of the quality of audio that it records which is really far better than those other petty apps.

8. Record My Call

This is an automatic call recorder app that you may use to record spy calls or even interviews. Though the app uses internal microphone to record calls, but it performs best when you use your loudspeaker mode.

Though the record quality of this app is not really good but it can be used for drafts and interviews that are supposed to be published later.

9. SoundCloud

This is a really popular way to record and share your audio feeds with fellow journalists on the cloud. You can also search for audios related to a particular event or interview that has been uploaded on the cloud by other journalists for your own reference.

The latest update of the app also allows you to edit and trim your audio recordings before you upload them to the cloud that allows you to create quality recordings by clipping off the imperfections or too sensitive parts of information that you do not intend to share with others yet.

10. Tweetcaster

This is a good Twitter integration for your Android phone via which you may follow all your Twitter feeds. The best feature of this app is that you can search for a particular topic in your feeds or in other’s feed rather than going through the entire Tweet history and logs.

So, these were some of the apps that Journalists and writers may utilize to make their job really easy and convenient.


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