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Android apps for Tablet

May 20th, 2013 · No Comments

There are many Android apps designed especially for use in Tablets and this article discusses some of the popular Android apps for tablet.


This Android App is like a beautiful magazine which brings to you all the social media and world news together in form of a Flipboard. It has an excellent user-interface which allows you to flip through news pages that you find interesting and also allows you share the interesting stories and photos with friends in social media. You can also save the magazine stories using the “plus” button on any story item and it will be saved in your memory card for viewing later.

Flipboard 2.0 allows you flip through latest news from USA Today, Financial Times, The Verge and many other social media websites like Twitter and Facebook. You can view photos from Instagram and posts shared by your Facebook friends and along with YouTube videos and latest news on pop culture from Rolling Stone magazine. You can also get news about life style and travel from sources like Cool Hunting, Etsy and National Geographic or design your own magazines on any topics you wish. You can search for favorite websites and flip through news items, articles, photos, videos and social media updates in elegant magazine format. Flipboard allows you to connect with more than twelve social media websites such as Google+, Instagram, Facebook, Renren, Sina Weibo, 500px, Flickr, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google Reader, YouTube etc. You can also install the Flipboard widget on your tablet’s home screen and access the App from there.

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Chrome for Android

This web browser for Android is an excellent App for all tablet users who wish to enjoy a browsing experience similar to Desktop. The software is available as beta version and has most of features equivalent to the Desktop version. It also has a special incognito mode which allows you to browse privately and sync feature which allows you to synchronize the bookmarks and Favorite links between your Desktop and tablet. You can also sign in to the browser and sync all open book marks, tabs and restore your previous session.



It is one of the most important Android Apps for tablets which is a huge database collection of games and Apps suitable for Android tablets. This is the best pale to discover popular Android games which are designed specifically for Android tablet. Some of the advantages of this include,

  1. Faster load times
  2. Increase/Decrease Font Size
  3. No Advertisements
  4. Easy to sort between paid and Free apps
  5. Filtering based on Rating, Free, Paid, Games, Apps etc.


This is a popular Personal Finance App specially designed for Android tablets and has many interesting features like graphs, charts and work sheets to check bank balances and important business transactions. This App requires display size of Tablet for organizing charts and graphs and is considered one of the best Apps for managing your money. You can see all transactions in your personal finance accounts including credit cards, savings and checking.

You can categorize the transactions into various categories and track your monthly budgets including cash spending for every personal expense. You can also download the information and view the transaction details offline. You will also be notified of upcoming bills, low balances or pending payments through text alerts or E-mails. Mint has been rated the best Android App for the year 2012 and among “6 best banking and budget Apps” by CNN.

Lilypad HD

It is one of the first and popular floating Chat/ Instant messaging App designed for Android tablets. This App floats on your home screen and helps you to multi-task similar to Desktop computer. You can simultaneously chat with your friends from social media websites like Facebook or Twitter from your home screen and also do other activities. It supports various clients like Yahoo, AIM, Facebook, MSN etc. The App costs just 2.99 dollars and has many features including customized opacity, buddy list font size, message font size, searching buddy list etc.

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