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Android apps for taxes

May 12th, 2013 · No Comments

Here in this post we will tell you some of the best Android apps for taxes. Here’s the list of some:

There are plenty of Android Apps to solve your day-to-day problems including Apps which can help in managing your personal finance and also to calculate taxes for both personal/business users. Some of the popular Android Apps for taxes are:

Turbo tax snap tax

This App can help you to calculate your taxes within ten minutes. This App can help in calculating the income tax for a fiscal year and help you to obtain any refunds if possible. It requires you to tax a snap shot of your W-2 form and answer certain question questions asked in the App and you can file your tax returns and claim any refunds if possible. You can start and apply this App for free and once your refund is successful you can pay the fee. This App costs just 24.99 dollars and can be used both state and federal taxes. You can find more information about this App from the developer website snaptaxvideo.com. In order to file for a tax refund through this App, you should meet the eligibility criteria as below:

  1. Should not own a home
  2. Must have only unemployment income or just W-2 interest
  3. Must have annual income of less than hundred thousand dollars.

TaxAct federal edition free                      

This App allows you to file your federal taxes free of cost. In this App, you can download tax-forms, prepare the tax returns, E-file tax and also take print out of tax returns. It supports both complex and simple tax returns. Whether you start filing through the developer’s website at Taxact.com or through the Android App, your information will be stored in the cloud and you can access it from any location anytime using the same password and username. It provides step by step assistance for filing both complex and simple returns along with E-filing forms. It also guarantees minimum and faster tax refunds, 100% satisfaction and accuracy. You can get assistance for filing tax anytime through their website and the App contains a Glossary of more than three hundred tax related terms. E-filing tax will only cost 14.99 dollars through their website.

BNA Quick tax reference guide

This is a popular App by popular finance and business website Bloomberg.com. This App provides easier access to latest tax rates and schedule for filing tax-returns. The various features of this App include,

  1. Tax rate schedule for both Corporate and Individual users
  2. Standard Mileage Rates
  3. Personal Exemptions and Standard Deductions
  4. Limits for retirement plans
  5. Rate of Income tax for Estates
  6. Capital Gains Tax and Dividends as part of overall Capital Gain
  7. Tax code pension
  8. ERISA

It is one of the excellent reference guides for filing taxes and allows you to quickly calculate your income tax based on the input you provide.

Tax Organizer

It is a very powerful App for Tax calculation and it keeps track of all your day-to-day expenses including Travel, Supplies, Entertainment, and Meals etc. You should register your credit card and account details in it so that it can keep track of all your electronic transactions and also maintains electronic pictures of your payment receipts for future reference. You can sign-up and download free thirty day trial from Google Play. By calculating your income, it will provide estimates of tax filing for current fiscal year.

My Tax Back

This simple Android App helps you to find whether you are eligible for tax credits worth more than 5000 dollars through Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC). All the working class families are eligible for this tax refund and every year more than twenty five percent of families fail to apply for this refund. They pay additional taxes which can be got back as refund using this App. This App has very simple user-interface and is available both in Spanish and English. It is free to sign-up and you can obtain all the information from the website Myfreetaxes.com. You can file the taxes through their website and obtain the refund electronically.

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