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Android apps for video editing

May 22nd, 2013 · No Comments

There are plenty of apps in Android for video editing and this article gives a brief overview of popular Android apps for video editing.


It is a very famous video editing App which allows you to convert still images into a full-flow video by adding visual effects. In the free version of the App, you can use up to twelve pictures and convert them into a video clip running for thirty seconds free of cost. To purchase a full-version you should pay 2.5 dollars per month. You can choose the images you want to convert to video, sound that you want to play in background, video style, keywords to describe the video etc. The important features include,

  1. Various styles such as Brilliance, Animoto Original and Retro Wheel,
  2. Allows you to add view styles, effects, background music and text to your video
  3. Easily create videos with help of existing pictures in the gallery of your phone.
  4. Preview and save videos and share them across social media platforms.


Magisto is another excellent and powerful video editing App for Android devices. It has certain amazing features such as,

  1. Easy sharing among social media platforms like YouTube, Twitter and Facebook
  2. Excellent AI technology which analyze the best portions of your video and automatically edit them.
  3. Automatic video stabilization, transitions, effects and filters
  4. Upload photos and videos from your phone’s gallery as well as adding photos from Instagram. Also you can use Magisto as video camera App.
  5. Facial recognition technology to detect the important characters in your videos
  6. Easy to access the movies from any Android device and draw anything on your videos directly.
  7. Add background sound to your videos from your phone or from licensed music library of Magisto.


VidTrim is another popular organizer and video editor designed especially for Android. It has various features such as video effects, audio extraction from videos (convert video to MPS format), video cutting and trimming, transcoding videos to MP4 format. You could also share videos to your friends through Social media platforms using this App. The free version displays Ads and has limited features while Pro version has many interesting features such as,

  1. Playing and share video clips through YouTube, Email links etc.
  2. Extract MP3 audio from your video clips
  3. Trim video clips and edit small clips to a single large video
  4. Renaming and deleting video clips, preview them
  5. Applying cool effects to your video such as Luma, Edge Effect, Tints, posterize, Pixellate, Glow, Negate, Black and White etc.
  6. Transcoding video clips and converting them to MP4 format, compression, resizing videos by reducing quality/resolution.

Final Cut Pro X

Final Cut Pro X is a popular video editing App with freeform timeline and user-friendly interface that has plenty of tools and cool features. You can also find a tutorial provided by famous editor Michael wohl that gives complete access to all instructions necessary for creating amazing videos using the powerful tools from Final Cut Pro X. It explains about the Slide, Split, Roll and Ripple effects for videos and using the Trim Tools available in the App. You can also duplicate clips, add slide and slip effects, create compound clips by grouping many short clips, create secondary storylines and apply effects to all videos, breaking compound clips.

Android video Trimmer

Android video trimmer allows you to merge, trim, transcode, split, share and apply cool effects to your videos. You can also convert the videos to different forms and extract audio from them. The Pro version includes various features such as,

  1. Trim the videos and create short clips as well as merging individual clips to create a compound clip.
  2. Grabbing video frames, splitting video files to individual video clips
  3. Apply cool effects such as Swap U-V, Fast Motion, Negate, Mirror, Gray Tone, Fade in/Out etc.
  4. Delete separate portion of the video and collect video frames
  5. Generate wall papers from video frames
  6. Conversion of videos to various formats such as VOB, MOV, MPEG-2, MP4, FLV, AVI and also different audio formats such as FLAC, ASF, WMA< WAV, MP3 etc.
  7. Flipping or rotating videos, renaming, deleting and editing them etc.

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