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Top Android Apps for Women

January 9th, 2013 · No Comments

This article enlists some of the best entertaining as well as worthwhile Android apps for women. Here’s the list of some:

Have you ever thought that how the latest android apps can make your life easier? Well they not only help in your schedule but also make your phone a complete entertainment package. But you need to know about the most suitable apps for your lifestyle. All new app targets certain niche audience and here are some entertaining as well as worthwhile apps for women.

1. Facebook

This is one of the most popular apps because it helps women to stay connected to their friends. Social networking sites are an essential part of our lives nowadays, and women love to update their status, post videos and miss nothing that is happening in their friend’s lives.

2. Our Groceries 

Working ladies this incredible app is especially made for you. It manages your shopping list pretty well. With this app,  you can create multiple lists and send them all to your hubby. What more, if you are not sure of what ingredients you last needed for a recipe, then you can directly get is with the help of the app!

3. Kindle 

For all those women who are addicted to reading, this app can help you to read at any time. You will not need to hold the book, just swish and the pages will turn. This app is compatible in various devises including tablets and e-readers apart from the android.

4. Calorie Counter 

Fitness freaks this app is specially made for you. Keep track of your calorie intake while you eat with and if you are not sure how much calories a certainly packaged food has, just scan the bar code and the app will tell you exactly how much you are going to consume. Apart from this it will also suggest you a nutrition pattern that you may follow as well as pros and cons of different food that you are consuming.

5. Mom-2-be 

This app can be rightly called a pregnancy tracker that gives you essential tips at separate stages of your pregnancy. From telling you about the growth statistics and exercise regime, if will allow you to note other aspects in the form of a journal so that others may know about your feelings too.

6. Shapes

This app amuses children and can keep them engaged for long hours. So if, you want to keep the child busy while you are taking a quick nap or completing official work, this is the best app. The app interacts with them, gives knowledge of shapes, and they can be kept busy.

7. My Days


This unique app helps women to plan their ovulation cycle. Take, for example, if  women is planning to have a baby or is trying to avert pregnancy, she can calculate her fertile period with this app. It will also tell about the speculated time till the next period.

8. MomsZeal

MomsZeal is a unique app that has made parenting easy. Are you a new mother? This app is especially for you to gather knowledge about the child’s welfare and learn from others experience. So whether, it is an eruption or some new habit in your child, you will know how to deal with it adequately.

9. Jorte

Jorte is a classic app, somewhat close to your daily planner. It displays moths and days and enables you to create a to-do list and schedule.

10. Pocket Yoga

Having a personal yoga instructor is a fascinating idea. No matter where you go, your phone will let you carry on with your workout regime.

The internet is resplendent with loads of such apps. Some are free while others are chargeable.

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