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Android Tablet Apps for Elderly

March 3rd, 2013 · No Comments

Here in this post we will tell you some Android tablet apps for elderly.

New age technology has hooked youngsters and seniors alike. Not just as a fad, the benefits of technology have swept across millions of lives, particularly the aged. More and more senior persons are becoming tech savvy to make their lives easier and safer. From mobile phones to GPS navigators and even tablets, middle aged and senior citizens are adopting tech gadgets to simplify tasks. Whether as a pastime or for security purposes, technology is now their permanent pal which plays a vital role in their lives. If you’re one of them too, we bring to you some Android tablets Apps that can prove to be extremely useful.

Android Tablet Apps for Elderly

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Stay in Touch

When your family, is far away, stay in touch with them with easy communication Apps such as Skype and Eldersarea. Just download and connect to them through their webcam service for an instant family gathering online! With Story Before Bed, you can even read out stories to your grandchildren before bedtime. A great App, this service would never let you feel lonely.

Stay Updated

With so much happening around you, Apps like Easy News and News Addict help you stay updated with all the latest news from across the globe. If you are an ardent newspaper reader, these Apps are a terrific way to stay on top of the news round the clock with the latest happenings. Even if you are bored after reading the same news, Apps such as Guess the News and Onion are a fantastic way to refresh yourself with their unique and hilarious content.

Health Watch

Health news and advisories are at the tap of a button! Apps such as WebMD provide information about common health issues and provide handy tips for your overall well being. Many fitness and lifestyle Apps run articles about common diseases and their cures. WebMD allows you to self diagnose your ailments and gives quick first aid tips for emergency situations. There are several Apps that also monitor your heart rate and ECG. To save you the hassle of carrying medical records, the Mayo Health Clinic App lets you save your records on it. Mayo’s BrainHQ App tests your mind’s alertness and improves memory.

Musical Melody

Let your quiet, lonely evenings turn melodious with Android’s musical Apps. Songza, Eldersarea, and Pandora are popular music players for playing your favorite musicals. Switch on your old radio with the Old Time Radio App and relive your golden days with Jack Benny. For those who mumble their lyrics, Apps like Soundhound and Shazam can sense your song and identify its lyrics and album for you.

Travel and Lifestyle

Do you long to travel at this age? There are many options galore. Apps such as Priceline and Kayak take care of your ticketing, car rentals and accommodation. Google Earth lets you reach remote destinations while several others suggest local places of interest and hot tourism destinations. You can overcome language hurdles with Word Lens for translations.

Stay organized with Springpad and Post it Notes for reminders for your pending tasks. From international recipes on Epicurious, to your daily local city weather on The Weather Channel, there are Apps for every aspect of your life.


Keep boredom at bay with movie Apps like Netflix. Word games and puzzles such as Scrabble and Words With Friends can keep you engaged for hours. Quench your thirst for knowledge with the Encyclopaedia Britannica App. Especially made for the elderly, Angela and Eldersarena let you connect to social networks with a bolder view. To help you read easily, the Over 40 Magnifier Flashlight uses your gadget’s camera lens to magnify your view.

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