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Applications for Doctors

May 27th, 2013 · No Comments

In this article we will tell you about Applications for Doctors. Here’s the list of some.

When you’re a doctor or medical practitioner, precious human lives are always at stake. Saving precious human lives and alleviating them from suffering means relying constantly on precise medical data & information, identifying right diagnosis, prescribing right drugs and making decisions in spilt seconds.

These daunting medical tasks pose enormous challenges not just for amateurs but even professional & experienced doctors. However, currently there are smart phone and tablet applications swirling in the market that are already popular in the medical world and have gained acceptance & confidence of doctors across the world. Doctors from various medical fields have made these applications their professional companions as they can gain access to vast amount of precise medical data and other medical benefits anywhere, anytime.

So, here is list of some of the best & top applications for doctors available in the market currently.

Applications for Doctors

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Medscape (general doctors)  

Medscape is one of the leading medical resource applications and is already used by 2 million health professionals across the world. This application is widely trusted for its precise, evidence based and up-to-date medical data which has been prepared by an independent team of leading 7,700 physicians and pharmacists.

Medical data provided by this application is really vast & immense as you get quick reference information on 8,000 generic drugs, treatment information for 4,400+ diseases & conditions and 1,000+ clinical procedures with video tutorials. And, you get all this absolutely free as this is not a paid application. This application works on android, Iphone and even on Amazon Kindle.

Isabel App (general doctors)  

Medical misdiagnosis is one of the worst nightmares that no doctor and patient ever want to face even in their wildest dreams. Unfortunately, however, medical misdiagnosis happens even today despite all the technological advancement made by modern science. Nevertheless the curse of misdiagnosis can be curbed and even overcome with help of a mere application. This application is called Isabel application.

Isabel application has been designed with intent to help doctors to get to the right diagnosis in quickest possible time. It is loaded with data of more than 6000 medical diseases with accurate information on multiple signs and symptoms. Search results from this immense data base can be categorized as per age, gender and even refined by travel history.

Isabel has already been reviewed and praised by many renowned medical journals for helping doctors in accurately diagnosing diseases in quickest possible time. Currently this application is only available on Iphone & Ipad and is not a free application.

Heart Pro (Cardiologists)

Heart Pro is one of the most popular medical applications that offers high quality 3D animation of Human heart. This popular application has just received major update and new features with latest 3.0 version. The new 3.0 version includes 25 high quality free animations, 360-degree view and 62 images of isolating elements of human heart.

The latest version also offers enhanced features to dissect human heart & mark up and also let’s share all your findings via email, twitter and Facebook. This application is widely used by cardiologists and other heart specialists. Currently the application is available only for Apple devices.

Epocrates (general doctors)

Epocrates is unarguably the no: 1 drug reference application in the market today. This application has helped doctors in U.S as well as other countries in better patient care by delivering up-to-date clinical information on OTC drugs & drug prescriptions. The application’s latest version of 5.1.2 has also come out with very good add on features like pill identifier, in-depth formulary information and a drug interaction checker. This highly popular application is available on IOS as well as android devices.

Little Dental Drug Book (Dentists)

As is obvious from name itself, this resource and reference based application is specially designed for dentists. This application provides abundance of information and data that touches on every aspect of dental practices: right from reference data on medications, guidelines on prescriptions, treatment guidelines to specific dental condition or concern. This application is like a little dental guide book with immense dental knowledge loaded inside it. Currently this application is only available for Apple IOS devices.

Eye Handbook (Ophthalmologists)

Specially designed for ophthalmologists and eye care professionals, Eye handbook application is like a small guidebook that guides ophthalmologists with ophthalmic calculator, medication listings and coding section. The latest and newest version of Eye Handbook also includes patient education videos and lectures.

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