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Aviation apps for iPhone

September 20th, 2013 · No Comments

This article will tell you about some of the best Aviation apps for iPhone. You can download these apps and and enjoy them. Detailed description about some aviation apps is given below: 

Lately, the iPhone ecosystem has experienced the “big bang” with apps almost exploding every niche. There is something in it for everyone. Just like, if you are an aviation expert, iPhone’s league of aviation apps is surely going to make the ordeal of the day for you.

Aviation apps for iPhone

  • Sky Demon (Although not a free application and require-$119.90 for the subscription for the first year but for rest of the years its $59 and can also be used on the PC). It was released on 11 February 2012 and grants the user with a month trial. The controls provided by the application are quite simple, intuitive and clear. The charts used by them are proprietary to them. It is the planning device which takes the user through each and every detail which user plans to. When the user is flying they will be getting some kind of notifications about the route .As this is just a beta application now, user can look forward and see the new features coming in on the upcoming editions.
  • Air Nav Pro– They have recently made some changes and added CAA maps along with some new features. It can help the user to plan different level of aspects of flying and works perfectly according to the directions. For this application user doesn’t have to spend any significant amount as it’s quite cheap and no subscription is required.
  • Motion X – It is one of the applications which were originally developed for iphone specifically for GPS. It does record the track of flight. The user can record the tracks and save everything with regards to navigation.
  • Cloud Ahoy– It’s one of the cool aviation application which allows the users to keep track of each and every flight which user makes and then after the tour the user can retrieve the data which has been captured during their flight. The application is using the Google Earth for allowing the user to play back the flights on the web browser.  It uses the internal GPS receiver (or the external GPS like popular Bad Elf unit) for recording the flights. The user will have to create an account at their site and register his device. For using this application in the plane user will have to simply press the start button of the application.  The document or the data is stored on the device itself until unless back to ground. The data storage service is free of cost.
  • Aero pad– The magic which runs across this application is the customization, which is perfectly tailored according to the cock pit.   It allows the user to load different kind of aircraft manuals, any document which user want to convert from paper to the digital format and e-charts etc. There are two different modes available in the applications which are day and night mode. It also comprises of a whiteboard which is available for writing the notes, a chronostat page which is used for storing the time and the calculations. Best part of the application is that user can load large number of pages at a single point of time and can track the appropriate document and get it loaded.
  • Aero Weather pro– The beauty of this application is that it’s quite easy to use and hosts some unique features. It includes the full features related to the weather forecast like Nexrad radar mosaics, airmets, satellite views and the five days forecast for the location the user is in. They are listed in the format which could be viewed perfectly without much fuss or other dependencies. User can load the multiple stations at a time and get an appropriate idea about the weather on the track flight is travelling. It’is a must have app for US pilots.

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