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Beautiful Nature In The Heart Of The Urban Jungle

October 18th, 2011 · No Comments

Tim Simmons The Urban Land Project billboard
Photographer Tim Simmons in a commission called The Urban Land Project aims to challenge people to reflect and reconnect with their surroundings.

For many city dwellers, the only glimpses of beautiful nature they’ll have on a regular day would be in the images of their desktop nature themes or screen savers. Unless you live near an urban community garden or a rooftop garden, the only green you’ll see sometimes is the flaking green paint on your neighbor’s wall.

The Urban Land Project<br />

Photographer Tim Simmons in an initiative called The Urban Land Project seeks to break the monotony of the urban scenery by injecting billboard images of nature right along busy metro arteries. Large scale, highly-visible billboards showing Simmons’ vivid images of breathtaking natural scenes — underground pools, forest floors teeming with life, moss-covered stones, etc, — are placed next to hard urban features in Los Angeles and Philadelphia.

The Urban Land Project By Tim Simmons

In a way, it’s a challenge to people to reflect and reconnect with their surroundings.

“From the outset I have tried to produce work that captures the feeling of a place, and expresses the memory of that feeling. That is what I am trying to communicate to others,” says Simmons.

Nature billboard by Tim Simmons

“This project is meant to stimulate awareness. These images against these backdrops accentuate the tension between the human and natural worlds.”

Via Web Ecoist
Photos: Tim Simons

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