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Beautiful Recycled Cardboard Fruit Bowl By SEMdesign

February 21st, 2012 · No Comments

Here’s another clever and beautiful upcycling project featured at Inhabitat recently – Beautiful recycled cardboard fruit bowl by SEMdesign.

Cardboard Fruitbowl by SEMdesign

Here’s another clever and beautiful upcycling project featured at Inhabitat recently — an organic fruit bowl made entirely from recycled cardboard.

Called the “Fruit Bowl 128 Cardboard,” this remarkable piece of green design was created by SEMdesign from 128 different pieces of recycled corrugated cardboard glued together. The multi-faceted contoured design was achieved using precision laser cutters. The biodegradable material was selected to ensure that the product can be easily composted at the end of its life cycle.

Organic cardboard fruit bowl

We’re all for great recycling and upcycling ideas but I’m not sure if this can be a practical DIY (do-it-yourself) project for everyday folks like us. For one, who has laser cutters in their garage, seriously? Very few people, I reckon. Fruit bowls hardly need regular washing but they do get wet sometimes from overripe fruits or from those served directly from the fridge. Can this be made water-resistant?

Still, it’s a winningly beautiful and modern design that would definitely add some cool green points to any dining table or kitchen counter.

SEMdesign, established by Sylvie van de Loo in 2005, is a product design company based in Utrecht in the Netherlands. For those who have the skills and the time to create your own green bowl based on the original specs, SEMdesign has generously offered to provide the open source manual here.

Watch sped-up video of the designer assembling the cardboard fruit bowl:

via Inhabitat

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