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Analyzing the Benefits of e-Waste Recycling

October 17th, 2012 · No Comments

The concept of e-waste has become a very serious matter of concern.There are  benefits of ewaste recycling. Here are some of the benefits.

People have become very much habitual to various electronic devices. Today, we can’t imagine a day without these electronics gadgets. Computers, mobiles, televisions etc. all these have become an unavoidable part of our lives. While being so much dependent on these products, we seldom give a thought to what happens to these products when they expire.

The electronic goods that we often use when expire are converted into electronic wastage or e-waste. Well, the concept of e-waste has become a very serious matter of concern in the present day world. The main reason behind this is nothing but the rapid growth of e-waste all over the world, especially in the developed and the developing countries; and the rising threat of this wastage. Various Government and non Government organizations have come forward to find out a solution to this problem. And, probably the best solution here is recycling of e-wastage.

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There are numerous benefits of recycling of e-waste. Here are some of the benefits:

Environmental Benefits

The electronic wastage creates various threats for the environment. It can cause different types of pollution including air pollution, soil pollution, water pollution and more. This wastage contain various toxic elements such as lead, arsenic, barium, antimony and more which are really very harmful to the environment.  When these elements are mixed in the air, or goes to the soil and water, they create lots of problems to the living bodies. So, recycling of these wastages diminishes all these problems.

Health Benefits

As mentioned in the previous point, the toxic element present in the e-waste also creates various health related problems. These elements in some ways or other goes into our body and create obstacles in proper body functioning. Not only human, all types living creatures are affected by the e-waste. Recycling of the wastage can keep us healthy and fit for a long time.

Economic Point of View

Recycling of the e-waste and making them reusable is much more economically viable than creating these products from the scratch. It becomes less expensive to produce an electronic product from the e-waste.

Business prospects

Looking at the profitable aspects of recycling, many companies have come forward to this process. There are lots of business opportunities that lie in recycling of e-waste, and already it has become a big industry. As a result it has created various job opportunities too.

Energy Efficiency

Recycling the e-waste also saves lots of electric and different types of energies. Recycling of e-waste consumes much less energy than creating a product from its raw material. This is also a reason why recycling of these products has become such a great success.

Well, these are only a few benefits of recycling of e-waste. There are many more benefits including contribution to the society, availability of cheaper products etc. Although there are some negative points too, however they are almost negligible compared to the huge benefits of recycling of e-wastage.

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