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Best Android Apps for Price Comparisons

November 7th, 2012 · No Comments

Here is a compilation of the best Android App Price Comparison.


The advent of mobile phones has proved to be a godsend for shoppers. With the help of your trusty cellphone, not only can you check on reviews once at the shops, but also use price comparison apps for finding the best deals.

There are many price comparison websites, but now, you also get specialised Android apps that do this for you. Yes, thanks to Android apps for price comparisons, smart shoppers such as yourself can easily find the best deals for virtually any product.

Google Shopper

The king of the online world, Google, have their own shopping gateway: Google Shopper. Using the Android app Google Shopper app, you can scan barcodes, check out local deals, browse reviews, and compare prices from a wide range of retailers – both online and offline.

Users can also take pictures of an item and scan Google’s database for matching products; and best of all, this Android app features close integration with another popular Google service – Maps – so you can easily get directions to your favourite stores!


One of the best independent shopping and price comparison apps on Android, Red Laser lets users scan barcodes, search online, and compare prices at online and brick-and-mortar retailers. You can browse reviews, see users’ feedback, and more.


One of the oldest and most popular shopping services, PriceGrabber is well-known to any veteran Internet user. Now, with its Android price comparison app, Price Grabber lets you search for products in its specialised database and check whether you can get anything cheaper!

Amazon Price Check

This is perhaps the most popular price comparison and shopping app in the US. Price Check lets you browse through that most awesome of shopping sites – Amazon. In fact, this should be your main app as Amazon often sells products cheaper than other retailers. Scan barcodes, click snaps, search by keyword to select your product. Amazon’s also thrown users an added incentive – an additional discount for those who purchase something via the Price Check comparison app.


ShopSavvy is yet another contender to the Android shopping crown. With an in-built barcode scanner, folder organisation system, keyword search, and even an integrated payment ‘wallet’ to compete with Google and Amazon’s offerings. One very interesting feature of this Android price comparison app is the live feed of local searches!

Barcode Scanner

A simple, no-frills Android app, Barcode Scanner lets users search online for products. One nice feature of this price comparison app is that it can generate QR codes – letting you share shopping deals, sale info, and coupons with friends and family.

With the above Android price comparison apps, you should be on your way to getting some fantastic online – and offline – deals. The next time you’re at the shops and see an expensive item you just have to buy, don’t forget to search for it on one of these apps – who knows, you just might find an unbelievably good deal!

Happy shopping!

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