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Best Android Apps for the Blind and Visually Impaired

November 30th, 2012 · No Comments

There are plenty of android apps which can help the Blind people. The article enlists some of the best Android apps for the blind and visually impaired.

Visually impaired and blind people find it difficult to face their day-to-day problems because of their impairment. Though the technology has developed a lot, there is no complete cure for such problems and they need some assistance to complete their usual tasks.

Reading glasses, Braille and walking stick are few devices which could help them to complete their daily chores. With Android operating system, there are plenty of interesting apps which can help the blind and visually impaired people. Some of the Apps are:

Android Apps for the Blind

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QR Reader and ScanLife Barcode

For people who can’t buy barcode readers and expensive gadgets to identify products, QR Reader is a very good choice. People suffering from blindness or visual impairment could use same application in their Android phone to find out the prices of products.

You can take the picture of the products with your camera’s phone and the App will automatically scan the picture and find out the barcode value. For visually impaired people with poor vision who can’t read the barcode directly, they can do it with help of this Android app.


It is an Accessibility App s
pecially designed for visually impaired and blind users who have Android smart phones. This App will talk out whatever action is done by the user on his/her phone like clicking an icon or swiping across the screams. Whatever icon the user clicks is carefully monitored the app and spoken out loud. In order to enable this app, you can go to Accessibility from the settings menu and choose TalkBack service. It is very much helpful for people who would like use their phones without any challenges or drawbacks. The app is frequently updated by Google with some new features.

Ariadne GPS

GPS (Global Positioning System) is an excellent technology which allows users to find out the location of different places and provides directions while travelling. Ariadne GPS is a powerful App especially for visually impaired people with a simple user interface.

The main advantage of this app is it provides instructions to the blind by talking out the direction to go based on the maps. When a blind person is crossing the street, a vibration is triggered.

It can announce the train or bus routes and instructs the direction to go for reaching the destination including turn-by-turn navigation. The app is available in multiple languages and is integrated with Google Maps.


It is another Accessibility App in Android for people who have poor vision and find it difficult to read the small fonts. This app designed by Appd Lab can convert your phone into a magnifying glass and help in easier reading of text in small fonts.

You can use it to read small text in tablets, movie tickets, bills or products in shopping malls. You can use the control in your phone to zoom in/out, turn off/on flash light, take pictures etc. When you double tap you can zoom in/out and single tap can help you to focus on particular text.

IDEAL Accessibility Installer

This app can be used to install bunch of Accessibility programs from Google including SoundBack, KickBack and TalkBack apps. It will automatically install a collection of apps for visually impaired people and they provide talking back and feedbacks for user actions.

For instance the Talkback app will notify users for every action performed on the screen including clicking a button or swiping through the screen. They will also get notified for new messages which will also be read out by the App.

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