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Best Android Games 2012

November 27th, 2012 · 1 Comment

There are many addictive Android Games in the year 2012 and you can get to see some of them here. The article lists some of the best Android games 2012.

The Android application is much sought after these days. Hence, the reasons all companies are giving out smart phones. Smart phones at reasonable prices also have this program. What is remarkable about the Android?

This application lets you use your mobile phone or the tablet or phablet to download all business applications or games using Google or other popular search engines and a lot of them can be downloaded free. That is why we see infomercials about the applications and the phones which we use this lot more these days.

The year 2012 has been glowing with too many Android games. Nevertheless, there are sources that say that, in the year of 2013, one can believe that the last year being outdone about the Android games. This piece of information will help you a lot if you want to download and have fun with the Android games.

There are many addictive Android games, and you can get to see a couple of them here. Few games come free, and you need to spare few shillings for some as you get Tank Hero, Defender, Wind-up Knight.

Android Games

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Temple Run

You can get Temple Run free of charges. The game Temple Run has been in the iOS from the year 2011. This is an extremely easy game, where the user goes by collecting the coins. The user can move in four directions, up, down, left and right to escape from the evil monkeys. The backdrop is of the player who has to escape from the ancient ruins where he has landed up. The attractive feature is the accuracy control.

Wind-up Knight

If you like, the games that make you deeply involved at boost your energy levels, and then the Wind-up Knight is the appropriate one. You get 50 levels, and you need to find the princess to tell what you ought to protect her. This is the best game that would test your confidence and more of a fairy tale kind of game.


If you are fond of old fashioned games, then the Defender will entertain you for sure. You need to protect the castle from the robots that attack them. The Tank Hero also lets you destroy the tanks to defend yourself, same like the one in the Nintendo. You need to face the challenges of the tanks shooting the missiles, and that hit you.

Fruit Ninja

With just $1.24, you can enjoy the Fruit Ninja. This game is the staple in almost all the game podiums. You can play high score games, and it leads you to die if you lose. This keeps you engaged for hours. This is a remarkably easy game, as you want to hit the fruits before they hit you. Do not mistake it to be monotonous; sure you will be occupied for hours.

More Android Games

If you are ready to spare some money, you can have more fun. With $2.99, you get the Battleheart, which is an RPG. You can upgrade your team and change them when the levels go up. You can also add to the weapons and have loads of fun. For 5 dollars, you get the Grand Theft Auto III. This game is a mobile version of the game that appeared in the Playstation.

The list of other online and mobile Android games go as the Bubble live wall paper, Tom loves Angela, Noom Cardio Trainer, Talking Santa, Tweetcaster for Twitter, and a lot more. These are malware free.

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  • 1 bluecrock // Nov 29, 2012 at 3:18 am

    I like to show you guys one more app called streetquest – run is a game.
    Its game-like application for runners but can be easy played with friends even if they are not hardcore runners 😉 Lost of interesting quest/events with painting streets, collecting stars or running form monster.