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Best Android Phone-Tablet Hybrids

January 8th, 2013 · No Comments

In this post we will tell you about best android phone-tablet hybrids. More information on androids phone are given below.

Hybrids are the latest buzz in town. Engadget and Forbes have named these phone-tablet hybrids, phablets, a portmanteau of the words phone and tablet. While smartphone screens are designed with 4 inches display and tablets range between 7 and 10 inches, hybrids form a line between these two creating convenience with a 5 inches display.

Although Dell kicked off the revolution with the introduction of its Streak, the Android hybrid with a 5 inch display launched in the third quarter of 2010, it was Apple Inc that changed the future of phablets by launching its iPad. The launch of iPad by Apple Inc in March 2010 established a highly competitive hybrid market, concurrently creating a stir among the gizmo freaks.

The revolution resulted in the innovation of a wide range of phone-tablet hybrids operating under various OS platforms. Android hybrids are for those who do not have the desire for iPads. The top names have tried their luck in designing phablets, some of which are lucky enough to achieve very successful results in the Android market.

Slightly bigger than a smartphone and a tad smaller than a tablet, the phone-tablet hybrids are robust devices that come real handy for a power user. The hybrids come with various screen sizes, SIM capabilities and features. The blessings of possessing a phablet come in the form of larger display and mobility of carrying a PC in your pocket. The bigger screen tablet-phones were a great success in the Android market.

The Android phabs come with e-book reader applications along with animations for page turning. With the world’s leading smartphone platform and mimicking the amazing functions of a real tablet, the latest android hybrids are designed with an 8MP built-in camera. The hybrids usually have a detachable keyboard letting the touch screen function as a standalone tablet.

One of the first names that comes to one’s mind while talking of an Android hybrid is the Samsung Galaxy Note, introduced in October 2011. Samsung claims of having sold one million Galaxy Note phone-tablets in two months and 5 million of in five months after its release. In fact, the Galaxy Note was the only Android hybrid that did not flop. The hybrid comes with a high quality 8 MP camera and a 5.3-inch HD Super AMOLED screen that is bright and pure in colour. A handy S pen is included that makes typing and navigation a lot easier.

LG Optimus VU is another best name in the hybrid market. Operating on an Android OS environment, the smartphone-tablet does not require you to scroll down for web page navigation. It is wide and thin, and with a 4:3 form factor, magazine reading is at ease. LG has also added a stylus to the phab and a capacitive touch screen. With a few style apps that are similar to the ones used in notebooks, the LG Optimus VU uses Android 2.3 to function and is one among the favorites of Android fans.

LG Optimus Vu

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Although portability is an obvious issue associated with hybrids, the reason is not enough to throttle the sales of hybrids. With a number of phone-tablet hybrids expected to be launched in the coming years, we can ascertain that the Android hybrids are here to stay.

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