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The Best of Androids(Galaxy S3) vs iPhone 4S. Fight!

September 11th, 2012 · No Comments

Here is head-on comparison between best android phone vs iPhone 4S.

If we talk about real challenger of iPhone as of previous year, only one name that strikes everyone’s mind is of Samsung Galaxy S2 Smartphone. However, Samsung has brought up its newer version of S series and as a result, Samsung Galaxy S3 is here to beat Android world. Thus, now Galaxy S3 has become a new competitor of new released iPhone version 4S. So, if you are after the best Android Smartphone and quite confused about Galaxy S3 or iPhone 4S, then I must suggest you to look on the information we are providing right now.

Although, both these phones have lots of similar features and both have some plus points and some drawbacks. Our comparison will bring in some key qualities and attributes of Galaxy S3 and iPhone 4S that would help you deciding the best out of two.

samsung galaxy s3 vs iphone 4s

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Build and Design Quality: iPhone 4 is certainly a mixed version, but still no one can find any fault or issue with its design. It is available in two colors black and white and both these color options provide fantastic appeal to users. The screen size is of 115.2 mm x 58.66 mm x 9.3 mm that is the best size ever. Providing standard high end make like other modern android phones, it offers great ease to users, but it lacks HDMI port which should be overlooked. Now, time to talk about build and design detail for Galaxy S3. So, this phone is spectacular device that comes with 8.6mm size with 133 weight. Holding this phone in hands gives a great feel to user. It offers two color options – White and Blue and as per your choice you can grab any. The biggest drawback about designs and build of Galaxy S3 is that it is made of Hyperglaze plasticy and it is a big issue that interrupts users to feel classy.

Processor: With apple’s current version of iPhone S4, unfortunately you would not get latest processor which is Quad Core, but still Apple assures buyers to give the best services even with dual core A5 processor of 800 MHz. Committing for the best services, Apple is very much sure about providing quick menu screens, sizzling 3D polygonal apps for gaming, detailed playback HD video even without stutter etc. On other side, Galaxy S3 is ready with its latest advance processor of 1.4 GHz quad core Exynoz processor. With such a great processor, users would not need to face hanging or stutter issues. Through ultimate strength of powerful processor, this phone is completely able to offer pop-up play quality with multitasking and HD video capability.

Camera Quality Detail: Frankly speaking, as per mega pixel camera quality of Galaxy S3 is not better than the camera of iPhone 4S indeed. But, it has some qualities that definitely make it a better at some extent. Burst Shot feature that captures quick images at 3.3 per second rate and thus, you can select the most favorite image out of the captured images. There is another lag Zero shutter feature that offers quick snaps. The ultimate feature which would surely be admired by many is the capability of identifying people from images and sharing picture with them. All these features make camera quality better even without having that attractive megapixel quality.

S-Voice: It is an amazing feature that has loved by numerous mobile users and in Galaxy S3 has proved a great device providing speech recognition ability by S-Voice, but at the time, Apple’s iPhone 4S also has same feature but with different design.

Frills: To beat up other competitors, Samsung has developed several astonishing features and with these features, it has raised the standard of its phones for sure. These features include:

  • Play Pop-Up: It allows users to watch videos alongside they can also do web browsing by floating window.
  • Burst Shot Option: Like HTC, It has a burst shot feature that makes it an incredible phone to today.
  • Lag Zero shutter is available on front as well as on rear cameras.
  • S-Beam is a Wi-Fi and NFC sharing combination.
  • It has GLONASS support with location system.
  • Eye Detection is a feature that makes a phone turns off by itself.

On other side, if we talk about iPhone 4S, there are no such frills available and thus we can see that Galaxy S3 is far better than iPhone S4 actually.

Complete thoughts over the study of comparison

After going through various steps and comparison level, now we can say that Galaxy S3 is way ahead to iPhone 4S. Investing almost similar money like Galaxy S3, if you would not get all features that can beat up all other phones available in market, then that is simply nothing but fooling yourself. Moreover, for information, you can go through various user experience and review and thus can check how other users feel about Galaxy S3 and iPhone 4S. It would be great option for you to decide the best product in easier way.

But tomorrow, as soon as Apple launches the iPhone 5, the whole scenario is set to change, quite literally. Stay tuned for tomorrow!

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