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Best Apps for Samsung Galaxy S2

November 28th, 2012 · No Comments

With Samsung Galaxy S2, the Android experience has become more enhanced. Here are some of the best Apps for Samsung Galaxy S2.

Today, Samsung is one of the leading cell phone companies in India. With Samsung Galaxy S2, the Android experience has become more enhanced. Inspired by Appleā€™s iPhone, Samsung Galaxy S2 operates under Android OS.

Offering multiple apps, the Galaxy S2 has become one of the most desired smartphones in the market today. Samsung Galaxy S2 is one of the slimmest cell phones ever launched in Indian market, being just 8.49 mm thick. Few of the best apps for Samsung Galaxy S2 are mentioned below.

Samsung Galaxy S2

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Apps in Detail

There are a few features that make Samsung Galaxy S2 better than the other smartphones. When talking about apps in detail, some of the best apps for Samsung Galaxy S2 need to be mentioned.

Google Maps

Though quite commonly found in cell phones, this app has some latest features in Galaxy. The new version now comes with voice navigation controls and vector-based graphics smoothly zooming in and out. There is no need to download the voice navigation controls; it is already present in the settings of the smartphone. With merely a few clicks, you can reach your destination very easily and with proper guidance.

Task Manager

Another common app, used in a similar way as in a Windows Operating System. It can uninstall apps, shut down, or reboot your cell phone with just a touch. This app almost shuts down all the apps and reboots them again.

Polaris Office

Being a fully office functional app, this app is used mainly by businessmen and travellers who need to edit documents quickly. There is a facility of file manager in this app, which helps in managing files in a more advanced manner. The search key is flexible and smooth to use. Other options like Google Docs, Android Office Suite and others are available with more advanced features. It is quite easy to use and handle them.

Pandora Radio

This is a modified free radio service which produces a really good quality sound effect. This app offers more than 1 million songs to choose from the database. You get a facility of buying songs from Amazon which is already incorporated in the app. The sound quality is really commendable.

Photo/Video Editor

With an 8 Megapixel Camera, Samsung Galaxy S2 offers great quality images and videos. This app provides for better photo cropping, editing, colour changing, and other various options. It works very smoothly and offers many other options that enable you a chance of taking pictures in various ways.


Seismic is one of the best social networking channels via mobiles which gives you a different experience altogether. It enables you to check and update Facebook, twitter, and other networking sites at the same time.


This app allows you to bring photos, videos, documents, and other details from your PC to your smartphone and edit them.

These Apps improve the user experience of the sensational Samsung Galaxy S2 and make it a fantastic choice among all the current smartphones.

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