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Best Apps to Track Cell Phone Location (You and Friends)

August 3rd, 2012 · No Comments

This article enlists some of the best apps to track cell phone location you and friends.

With the advances in mobile technology, the use of smart phones and such devices have expanded from just receiving and making calls or web browsing to even tracing the location of your lost phone or finding the location of an individual. There are many applications that offer location tracking services of which these are categorized as security tracing apps and social tracing apps. In addition, applications are designed for a particular device or for an OS platform.

Google Latitude

With this Google multi-dimensional cross-platform app, users can easily track their friends or family members in devices running in an iOS, Blackberry, Android , Symbian or Windows platform. The application is easy to install and is found to be very effective in location tracing and can even be used through a web browser. However, the application is found to drain a lot of battery power. Locations are traced using Google Maps, once you login to the app using your Google account.


Foursquare is an effective tool as well, except that the users have to check in to a location while they are on the move. Evidently, this is not an ideal tool for tracking a person from a crowd. The app can be installed on devices operating on any OS platform including iOS, Android, Windows etc.

Find My Friends

Designed for iOS users, Find My Friends is ideal to trace your friends who use iOS enabled devices as well. In order to use the application and track a friend, you need to add the Apple IDs of the friends into the contact list. However, doing so will automatically share your location with your friends as well, which is quite an invasion of privacy. Good news is that, it is up to your discretion to disclose your location and therefore, you can choose a temporary location or not share your location at all.

While the above apps are for social tracing, there are apps that tracks your phone once your phone is lost.

Find My iPhone

Limited to iPhone users, Find My iPhone is launched under the sole proprietorship of Apple Inc. for locating a lost iPhone. In order to use this app, you must have iOS 5 and iCloud set up in your phone. Once your phone is lost, you can login to iCloud.com with your Apple login credentials and the website will locate your phone and provide you options to play a sound, send a text, lock your phone or even wipe out the content of your phone.

Find My Phone

Quite similar to Apple’s Find My Phone, Find My Phone app is designed for phones running on a Windows platform. Microsoft demands the users to login to WindowsPhone.com using your Windows Live login credentials while your phone is lost. This will enable you to remotely raise an alarm, lock or even erase the contents of the phone.

Lookout Mobile Security and Plan B

The app provides a web-based control panel for you to locate your lost Android phone. Once installed, the app enables you to even disable silent mode in your phone and raise an alarm. You can even remotely activate GPS and trace the location of your phone. Coming with an antivirus software, the app is a very good choice. In the instance of your phone getting lost without having a tracking software installed, Lookout has a Plan B in store. The option enables you to install Plan B app on your phone using Google Play, even after your phone is lost. Once installed, the application starts by itself and emails your phone location to your Gmail address. For frequent location changes, you can send a text “locate” from another phone to your mobile number. The application is greatly in demand among the Android users.

In addition, there are apps like BrightKite, Plazed and Yahoo’s Fire Eagle are extensively used to track cell phone location. It is vital that you have a tracing software installed without waiting for your phone to get lost. This will palliate the complications of finding your phone location.

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