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Best Astrology Apps for Android

September 21st, 2012 · No Comments

Here’s a fine compilation of some of the best astrology apps for Android cell phones. Here’s the list of some.


Getting a glimpse of your fortune is indeed an exciting experience for every person. This is why many people rush to the fortune tellers and want to know what is lying there in the future. But, technology has made such a progress that you no longer wait to visit the fortune tellers. It’s time now when you can avail the predictions from the best fortune tellers, simply from your android smart phone.

There are so many Android apps for Astrology, available in the market. Out of this, only a few has overcome the crowd and has got amazing user approvals. The list of best Android apps for Astrology, though not a big one, can create some confusion too. The following list of apps will definitely help you to choose the right app for you.


There are few other Astrology apps, which are as popular as Horoscope from Horoscope.fr. With more than 10 million downloads and more than 95% full star rating, this app definitely deserves a place in your device. With its almost accurate predictions it has become incredibly popular among its users. You can use this app to view the predictions for the day, the next day, the week ahead, the coming month and even the year lying ahead of you. You can use their service to know about anything like your work life, love, your wellness etc.


This is another very popular Astrology app for Android. You can get daily updates for your horoscope. The other features included are like Zodiac sign compatibility, Chinese horoscope for the coming year, Druid Horoscope etc. With this app, you can both share and save your horoscope results, a fun factor right? The interfaces are quite impressive with this app. The only problem you may face with this app is that it gives daily updates for western horoscope only, but not the Chinese horoscope.

Numerology Daily Horoscope

Not a pure astrological app, but the numerology given in this app is appreciated all over. Unlike Astrological Horoscope, Numerology tells about your future with the help of the current date and the date of birth. Predictions are quite correct with this app and you can use it for different functions. And the main feature of this app is that you can get this app without paying anything.

Tarot Reading

This is another great Astrological app for Android, where you can find the facility of Tarot reading. The most incredible part of this app is that the predictions are not only accurate, but realistic too. And not only this, the app is so easy to use that you can run this app without having any prior knowledge of Tarot Reading.

Chinese Horoscope

There are so many Astrological apps available for western horoscope, but few good apps are there for Chinese horoscope. For the sake of a change and excitement, you can surely use this app and get amazed. Chinese Astrology is really different from the other types and you can see your future in a total different perspective.


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