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Best Cell phone Apps 2012

July 4th, 2012 · No Comments

In this article we will be telling you about best cell phone apps 2012.

Today, Cell phones can do unbelievable tasks, thanks to fantastic applications that can be installed on them, be it an android phone or an iPhone or others.

As Android is currently the reigning mobile platform so consequently, android apps are one of the most sought-after apps by end users. Hence, we have short-listed some of the best Android cell phone apps of this year so far.

1. Swype:

Swype is an excellent application that makes your text-messaging activity easier. It’s an alternate keyboard which allows users to type by swiping their fingers over the characters on the keyboard. It auto-corrects the spelling mistakes of users based on in-built dictionary words and learns new words as we enter it. It has capacity to predict the next words based on Dictionary and advanced Language modeling algorithms. It’s a Multi-modal keyboard which supports Swype, speaking and handwriting recognition. Integrated with Dragon Dictionary, you can type words through voice input which will be converted to text automatically. The application can be downloaded free of cost from the provider’s website.

2. iTriage Mobile Health:

Another useful cellphone application which was designed by doctors, iTriage Mobile health allows users to access the medical information and hospitals in nearby locality. You can find the medical facilities nearby in case of emergency and make use Google maps in your phone to navigate to the destination. It is helpful for urgent situations like accidents or emergency care. It also has other features like doctor dictionary, symptom-checker, first-aid tips and information related to various diseases.

3. Google Goggles:

Google Goggles is an interesting application which permits you to take photos of objects which will be analyzed by the search engine and shows relevant search results. For instance, if you are going on a tour where you visit some interesting monument and want to get more information about it, you need not type the name to search for it. Just take a snap of it using your phone’s camera and Google Goggles will do the job for you. This novel application also has other benefits as well. You can use the QR code reader to scan barcodes on products found in super markets or stores and get information about the products displayed on your phone.

4. IPhone Siri:

One of the most innovative cell phone applications released in 2012 for iPhone 4S is the personal assistant named Siri. It uses voice input from users and performs various actions like answering queries, marking events in calendar, calling users, making recommendations, searching for topics etc. It is very intelligent and intuitive applications which adapts to the user’s preferences over continuous usage and provides recommendations like nearby restaurants, shopping places, tourist spots etc. It can also be used for navigation and provides live directions to user using the in-built GPS and maps facility. You can use this app to send messages to friends without typing them and call anyone instantly. It reminds you of your calendar events and gives useful recommendations on hotels, tourist spots and shopping.

5. Pulse News:

For avid news readers, Pulse News is a free application that provides daily news updates and latest gossips and is compatible with iPad, iPhones and all Android smart phones. It allows users to select from more than thirty online news sources like MSNBC, Wet Paint, CNN, Gawker, Salon, Mashable etc. it also presents the news in form of elegant magazine with thumbnail pictures and headlines on top. Pulse has an excellent user-interface and which gathers news from different media and presents it to the user in an easily readable form.

6. Weather Channel:

Weather Channel is a useful application for getting latest updates on weather. It provides accurate details on current conditions of weather, humidity, temperature, wind speed, UV index and helps you to plan ahead by showing the estimated weather forecasts for 10 days. The animated weather radar is another cool feature of this app.

7.       National Rail Enquiries:

National Rail is another useful app that allows users to get real time information on current trains and is available for both iPhone and Android platform. You can check plan your future journeys by checking the train schedule, check live train times and get notified in case of any delays. It asks for the work and home station when you login first and next time onwards you can click “Get me home” button for viewing available trains to reach your home station.

8. Google Sky Map

Google Sky Map is an intuitive application which gives an accurate view of stars and planets on the sky in your tiny phone screen. By pointing your phone towards the sky at night, you can learn about visible constellations and planets as the Google Sky Map provides detailed information on each of them.

9. iTranslate Voice

Another interesting iPhone app which allows you to translate your voice input to desired language. By holding the flag button and speaking out, the app translates the voice input to the language which you have set. It supports up to thirty languages but requires internet connectivity to function properly.

10. Evernote App:

Evernote is another useful Android application which helps you takes notes on the go and remembers crucial information. You can save important ideas, capture photos, record voice reminders, take notes and create to-do lists in order to stay organized and make you day-to-day tasks easier. An updated version released for Android 4.0 Ice-cream sandwich has speech-to-text option includes which allows users to give voice input for taking notes. It is useful for educational purposes and working professionals.

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