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Best Cellphone Apps for Time Management

July 23rd, 2012 · No Comments

This article will tell you some of the best cellphone apps for time management.

With increasing popularity of Smart phones, many useful cellphone applications have entered the market which can help you manage your time and everyday schedule. This article will explain some of the best Cellphone applications for time management and unique features of each application. With modern mobile apps, time management has become easier for business and working professionals.

1.       Paymo:

It is an amazing time tracking tool for Android which allows you to create invoices in a simple manner. The software is entirely dedicated for project management and helps you to manage project resources and time effectively. You can just add a new project and the expected deadlines in the application and it will automatically keep track of time for each activity and remind you in case of alerts and deadlines. It has timesheets for each task and you can enable/disable the timer if required.

2.       Rescue Time:

It is another wonderful Android App which allows you to create meaningful reports on your productivity based on usage of working hours. Apart from keeping track of time consumed for each task, it will also monitor your browsing habits and provides brief overview of actual time spent on work. This gives a better idea of what impacts your productivity and helps you to improve it. It also allows you to generate invoices and understand amount of time spent on different activities both offline and online.

3.       Remind You:

Developed by the company Make Your Day Media, Remind You is the most efficient time management app for iPhones. It is very simple and user-friendly tool which accepts different type for inputs. You can store and view more than twenty appointments at the same time. It also makes use of automatic refresher for updating your appointment lists and synchronizes itself with iCal and other time management apps for iPhone. Whenever you search for a particular date and time inside the calendar, the app will automatically remind you of appointments on that particular date. This App was not approved for sale in App store but you can download it from the provider’s website for 9 USD. More than 140,000 copies of this app have been sold so far.

4.       Checklist Wrangler:

Another interesting iPhone App which can help manage your daily activities and appointments is Checklist Wrangler. It is used for creating electronic checklists and reminds you of your everyday activities. You can create different forms of checklists which can range from yearly to daily. You can make a note of your travel, appointments, meetings and things to remember as a checklist and the Application will automatically remind you for completing each task on time. Checklist Wrangler has various features like option to combine related lists to group, option for choosing different templates and option to send e-mail lists for any person in your contact list.

5.       Toggl:

Toggl is a mobile App for time management which is compatible across various platforms like Android, iPod, iPad, iPhone, PC and Mac. It’s available for free download for a 30-day trial after which users will be charged 5 USD per month. It is very simple to use and has user-friendly graphical interface which helps you to manage time effectively with just a single click. You can use it in both online and offline mode. Hence, you don’t always require internet connection for using this application. You can create efficient and meaningful web 2.0 time tracking reports and time sheets using this application.

6.       Klok

Klok is a powerful app which facilitates quick and efficient personal time tracking. It can be purchased from the provider’s website http://www.getklok.com/ for a cost of 15.99 USD. Apart from analyzing the time spent on previous projects, you can also estimate time required for future projects accurately which can help in increasing your productivity. It indicates time spent on meetings, sales calls, marketing and other business activities in elegant time sheets for your convenience. It shows the time entries as blocks which fill up time similar to working of a calendar. Klok is designed using Adobe AIR (Adobe Integrated Runtime) platform.

7.       Freckle:

A wonderful time tracking tool armed with several cool features, Freckle is available for a free 30-day trail from http://letsfreckle.com. There are various categories of full-version software available based on the users like contractors, freelancers or small teams. The user-interface is very elegant with eye-catching colors, attractive icons and a clean layout. The important features include invoicing support, unlimited reports, SSL security, flexible timers, budgeting options, pulse work rhythm analysis, unlimited projects, API access, frequent data back-ups and exporting data to various formats like XML, JSON and CSV. The Pulse work feature keeps track of your time and reminds you about important project activities in advance.

8.       Tick:

Tick is a user-friendly and simple time tracking application designed by Kevin Finn. It helps to manage your projects efficiently and has various features like budgeting, invoices and report generation. It generates graphical reports in form of charts which is easy to interpret and understand. The pricing plans vary based on size of the business and free 30-day trial is available at http://www.tickspot.com.

9.       Yast:

Yast is simple time tracking tool with elegant user-interface. You can add projects instantly and keep track of time spent on each activity. There is a free version available for freelancers and individual users which can be downloaded for the developer’s website www.yast.com. The features of free-version include 1-click timers, making notes, tracking time on your mobile, printing time sheets and reports, unlimited projects, sub-projects and tasks. The premium version costs 14$ for single user/month and it includes other cool features like shared projects and tasks, Consolidated report generation for projects done by entire team, simple overview of managers, private projects and tasks etc.

10.   1DayLater:

Designed with an intuitive user-interface, 1DayLater is an online time-tracking tool which is compatible with all platforms like Blackberry, Android and iPhone. It allows users to keep accurate records of everyday business activities, create invoices, manage resources and daily cash flow as well as time-track every project in an efficient way. Using this powerful app, you can improve your overall productivity and estimate time required for each project accurately.

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