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Best Finance Apps for Android Cell Phones

August 23rd, 2012 · No Comments

This article will tell you some of the best finance apps for Android Cell phones. Here’s the list of some:

Today world is facing tough economic situation and for running the budget, effectively one needs to manage his finances well judiciously. What if you have a personal, financial advisor who can tell you the steps for growing your wealth! In the present scenario, nothing would be more useful if you could keep your financial manager in your pocket.

Just by holding smartphone you can know about your financial situation as there are many smart personal finance apps launched by the Android authority for your android devices. Here, are some of the best finance apps for android, which can portray your finances while you are on the move.

  1. 1.      Mint.com

As monitoring and managing your financial portfolio is tricky, Mint.com will give you a quick and comprehensive view of your account balances. It will help you by updating your transactions and sends you real time alerts if you are over spending or running low account balances. The whole information about your personal finance accounts is stored at one place by Mint, and you can access it from anywhere even if you are offline by saving the latest download. Mint.com helps in finding personalized savings by tracking the records of your expenditure.

Price: Free

  1. 2.      Easy Money

If you find yourself lost in the zigzag financial maze, the Easy Money will certainly help you in regaining control over your financial situations. An easy data entry system has made the work easier with the two categories- income and expenses. Moreover, it also gives the detailed view on bill manager, expense manager, budget planner, and checkbook register.

Price: 30 days free

  1. 3.      Pageonce

This highly impressive finance app, which can place the account, balances in the form of thumbnails on the home screen. Now with this app it is extremely easy to follow the credit cards bills, investments, bank accounts and other budgeting processes. However, the balance updates are not as fast as Mint.com and sometimes the bill payments are reflected after two days of transaction. You can easily check where your money is going by getting the reminders and real-time alerts.

Price: Free

  1. 4.      Financisto

Financisto is an open source financial app, which is especially liked by developers as well as users. As this app supports multiple currencies, so the transactions of other currency rates can also be downloadable. Moreover, the most relevant aspect of this financial app is it can back up all the information on the cloud storage clients such as Google docs and Dropbox. The handy camera feature allows attachment of photos to the transactions.

Price: Free

  1. 5.      Expense Manager

If you keep your budget within timelines, then this is the best finance app for you. With the help of Expense Manager, you can easily track and organize your income with respect to days, weeks, month, and year to keep up your accounts in a good shape. Moreover, this app also offers the cloud storage facility for keeping your data safe. The other features include payment alerts, photo-taking advantage of receipts, scheduled payments and multiple account records.

Price: Free

  1. 6.      Easy Envelope Budget Aid

This finance app believes in the adage- the more, the merrier. This app is based on the process of separating funds for different purposes into separate envelopes and it makes the budget process a little fun. These virtual envelopes will help you in keeping within the budget as you can darned easily track the expenses and the balances left in the envelopes. EEBA site helps you to back up the data and transactions can be downloaded via bank account statements and CSV.

Price: Free



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