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Best Five Budget Phones with Front-facing Camera feature

July 31st, 2012 · No Comments

Here’s a good compilation of the best five Budget Phones with Front facing Camera feature.

During the earlier days in the gadgets market, a cell phone with a camera was itself an item to be amazed at! Such is the fascination of camera phones these days that any phone without camera is hard to find in the hands of passionate young, as well as sophisticated users.

However, as far as the relation of the camera and the cell phones is concerned, there is one more thing that can be put forward here, and that is necessary and innovative need of front or secondary camera these days. Skype video call or video chat can be effectively done only with the help of this secondary camera, the single most obvious reason of its importance in today’s smart phones.

Front facing cameras are clearly needed for the people doing a lot of video conferencing with their cell phones. Let us look to some of the popular front camera phones that will fit your pocket also.

 1.      Nokia N8 Touch Screen Smart Phone

To counter the threats arising from the combined monopoly of Android and Apple operating systems and to reestablish itself again in the smart phone market, Nokia launched its flagship model Nokia N8 in 2010. Along with staggering 12 Mega Pixel primary camera, this unique smart phone also boasts of a 2 Mega Pixel front camera which is essentially vital in the use of phone, in video calls. It is a 3G enabled smart phone with HSDPA support and has a crystal-clear 2.5 inches AMOLED display. Nokia Symbian^3 is the name of the operating system on which N8 is run, and overall Nokia N8 can be thoroughly recommended as a good bet for a smart phone with Secondary Camera.

 2.      SAMSUNG Infuse 4G (AT&T) smart phone

Samsung Infuse is one of the few popular and optimally used models from the vast variety of the smart phones offered by Samsung. Samsung Infuse is available with all the basic features that a smart phone is supposed to have and on top of all the features lays the fact that it is n Android 2.3.3 run device. Samsung Infuse also has a secondary camera along with a 5 Mega Pixel primary camera. Secondary Camera can be effectively used in the video chat and calling facility. A Gorilla glass display along with AMOLED also makes this Samsung Infuse a smart phone worth an excellent buy!

3.      HTC Evo 4G Android Smart Phone

HTC is the brand of smart phones that is equally popular and has firmly established itself in the rat race of Smart phones with Apple and Samsung devices. HTC also has the platform of popular Android operating system and its device HTC Evo 4G belongs to the same category of these 4G enabled smart phones having strong back up of the network that is also available on the Long Term Evolution (LTE) technology. Secondary Camera of 2 Mega Pixels has even made this device more compatible and effective in use.

4.      LG P970 Optimus 

LG is one name that stands tall in the field of smart phones, apart from Samsung, Apple, and HTC devices with the original and long lasting effect. LG P970 Optimus is the device, which is known to be the ultra thinnest and the slimmest smart phone in the world today. A device that has an every possible, essential aspect of a smart phone such as 4-INCH LCD along with Wi-fi, Bluetooth, HSDPA support with 3G support. LG Optimus has 2 MP front camera only adds to the overall features of this smart phone.

5.      SAMSUNG Exhibit II 4G 

If you want to buy a smart phone with an Android platform desperately, but you are facing some budgetary problems then this particular device is certainly the ideal choice for you. Samsung Exhibit II 4G phone is a device with bright and crystal clear 3.7-inch display and Android 2.3 platform that also includes features like 4G enabled support and 1 GHz processor. The front camera though a VGA has better resolution than expected and thus is a sufficient choice for video call using the same.

The main reason is the video chat for using front facing cameras, and once you start using it, you will find it desirable and irresistible.

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