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Best free iPhone apps for teenage girls

March 29th, 2013 · 1 Comment

In this article we will tell you about some of the best free iPhone apps for teenage girls. Here’s the list of some.

The world of the apps for iPhone is filled with fun. While some apps will help you to explore in the limitless plethora of knowledge others, allow you swim in the vast ocean of mirth. Teenage is the phase of life when teens need something new to do as they simply become bored off. Life is incomplete without these apps and to make your life exciting here are some iPhone apps that you may yearn for!

Castle Ville

Well sometimes teens do land in situations where they find hard to pass the time. Every second seem as minute and every, minute an hour. But your dilemma will not be like this if you have certain apps on your iPhone. Try the game Castle Ville. It is so addictive and entertaining that thousands of teenagers throng to the Facebook to enjoy it. You must try this also and see how time flies in its winged chariot!


Scramble with friends

Want to enjoy sitting at home? Try the Scrabble with friend’s game that will allow you practise with your stock of words alone. This is a supremely comfortable way to hone your skills alone and next time you play with the boys you will have ample opportunity to prove your smartness. I think this app is certainly something your mother will not oppose-after all it enriches your vocabulary!

Pioneer trail

If you belong to the earnest gaming cult, then you must try this app called pioneer trail. Your buddies and you can make your house, inmates and then travel along non-chartered lands. You must have played the Frontier Ville game on Facebook; this is only the sequel to it.

Funny call

In our lives, we rarely come across such hilarious situation such as being called by an anonymous caller. Just imagine, if you get a chance to make prank calls to your friends or family, would you let it go by? Well this app lets you call and imitate others voice especially those famous personalities like Beiber!

Ageing Booth

This app called the aging booth is hugely popular because teens find it immensely enjoyable to know how they are going to look when they are in their mother’s age. You can share these pictures on the social networking site.

Dream Pet house

Adults are of the opinion that if you channelize the teenage energy to the right way then a lot may be taught to them without effort. Like, for example, this app lets the teens build their own pet house and play with it. Sense of responsibility can be inculcated in them at this stage even so that they grow up to be more close to nature. Those of you who are allergic to the furry pet can enjoy all that they wanted to do with them on the Dream Pet House.

Light writer

It is said that talent needs to be nurtured, and if you need to know whether you have a knack for photography try this app. You can add all those photographic effects like long arms, bent knees and twisted ears to your portraits. Fun way to nurture talent isn’t it! Teens are a time when the children are brimming with energy and these apps let them use it for good.

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  • 1 Hunter // Apr 4, 2013 at 7:30 pm

    Thanks for the great app ideas. I’m not a teenage girl, so I don’t know if any of these are appealing, but I will send my daughter a link once I get home from my shift at DISH tonight. I think she might like Aging Booth or Pioneer Trail. You might like to check out one of her favorite apps. It’s called DISH Anywhere, and she can stream live TV shows and recordings from our home DVR to her phone anywhere she goes. And the parental controls on our DVR still apply, so I don’t have to worry about what she’s watching when I’m not around.