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Best Free Windows Phone Apps

February 12th, 2013 · No Comments

In this post we will tell you some of the best free Windows phone apps in 2013. Here’s the list of some:

The apps market is constantly growing and upgrading itself. New and exciting apps are introduced almost every week. Some really great apps can make a windows phone look even more stunning. If it is a free app, it definitely holds a great chance of popularity. However, not everything that comes for free is great. Here are some recommendations of the best free apps for a windows phone in 2013.

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It is a free version but there is a paid version as well, which comes for $4.99. This app is the best friend of a runner. Endomondo offers unmatched exercise tracking along with visual and audio activities. Moreover, Endomondo offers the option of tagging videos, photos and any other data usage on widely held routes.

Endomondo is way above any other such app when we deal with exercises with social elements. An user can track the overall progress of their friends’ activities by keeping tabs. It is also possible to get the record of one’s personal best. It can be done on Endomondo page. This can also be done in Endomondo app itself.

NASA Image of the Day

This amazing free app provides the user with a stunning space image directly from NASA every day. This image can be saved on the phone. On the other hand, this wonderful daily image can be used as an automatic choice for the lock screen. But the beauty of this app does not stop there only by providing the pic. This app also provides the user with necessary information related to the image. This helps the user develop and grow knowledge on space.

Ragdoll Run


This is another great free app which also has a premium version that comes for £0.79. This is an easy game which is appropriate for both adults and children. A game that is very easy to understand and very difficult to stay away from. One can jump, rotate and attempt to go as head as probable. This can be done by swiping up and down. The main goal is to dodge various obstacles and hazards while progressing through collecting points. The premium version of this app is ad free.

WiFi Live Tile

This is one more free app with great utility features. WiFi Live Tile comes with a wonderful feature of take a peek at the available Wi-Fi network connectivity and speed. One can choose from numerous different icons. Notifications can also be enabled when a user connects to a network or disconnects it from. This is an invaluable feature for anyone who keeps moving from one network to another.

Ringtone Factory

Ringtone Factory is a wonderful free app which stands out for its utility. This app has a giant library which consists of numerous songs. One can set a ringtone by customizing the Windows Phone. This enhances the experience in a big way. This app comes with simplified tools so that users find it easier to deal with it. On the other hand, there are advanced tools for advanced users who can play around on a totally different scale altogether.

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