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Best iOS Apps for Writers

July 17th, 2013 · No Comments

In this article, we brief you up with today’s best iOS apps for writers. Some of the most popular iOS apps for writers are given below:

Among the many benefits of being a writer in this today’s world, one is that they can speak their hearts out through words  concerning any sphere in this world.They don’t have to be present at a specific point or place to complete their tasks. Productivity is a kind of saver for them as they can pen down their novel chapters being in their comfort zone and earn handsome perks. Thanks to technology enhancements lots of applications are brimming with a plethora of handy tools for making sure that the writers remain in their comfort zones.

It starts from penning down your thoughts along with taking notes for conducting different research and analysis tasks.  Let’s peep into the working of the applications which provide amazing features for penning down the text for the writers and making their work quite simple and easy on the iOS platform.Some of the best ios apps for writers are:


One of the first applications which hit the web store. The application on IOS is quite similar to the one on the desktop. If the user has used the application on the desktop, then he/she would not be facing any issues with regards to handling it. The user is provided with absolutely clean and nice surface for writing. Users can also move to the full screen mode to avoid distractions. They are providing the user with all kinds of editing tools which includes the image placement kit as well.

IA Writer

This application could be easily synchronized with iCloud and Drop box, which enable writers to keep their applications safe and secure while they are working. Also they take care of the security of the content. Available on MAC, it is another unique application which is free from distractions. All the features like auto correction, toolbars, and spelling checkers are available but all are hidden and are activated only when the user requires them.


Writers believe in writing the content in the planned manner itself. It is considered as one of the significant applications for the writers working. As it provides the writers with ample of features like recordings, note making, photos handling, tidbits in creating and then indexing in the right manner. They also allow the option of search through which contents could be quickly displayed. Another important fact is that it is easily synchronized across with different devices as well.

Simple Note

One of the simplest applications without much glitz or glam on the UI.It’s  lightweight and believes in presenting the writer with a platform where they can pen down their views without much hassle.. As each and every note could be tagged and user can also view its past version which makes it quite easy for the user to handle the situation in an appropriate manner. The Synch feature is known to be a life saver!

Dragon Dictation

It’s voice recognition software which is powered Nuance Communications and is the lightweight/portable version of the much praised
Dragon Naturally Speaking. It allows the users to instantly speak and review the messages which are received via emails or on your text. It easily wins over keyboard typing. With this application users can easily update their status on Face Book and send reminders and notes to the user itself. It also does support the languages of the multitude which has a global presence. It acts as a trust worthy assistant for getting the words from your end and penning it down simultaneously.


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