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Best iPhone apps for Dancers

April 3rd, 2013 · No Comments

The article enlists some of the best iPhone apps for dancers. Here’s the list of some:

Not everyone has the rhythm compatibility to dance with ease. But, everyone likes to dance. It is the act that shows how delighted you are. You can improve on your footwork with your Apple iPhone. Speaking about the iPhone apps, there are many that are available for finding service providers, gaming apps and even apps for story telling. So, the app for dancers is no surprise to get on the iPhone.

While there are many here, goes a few of them that are considered the best among the hundreds of apps that aid in moving your body lightly and sway it gracefully.

iPhone apps for Dancers

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Tap Dance

If there is a dance that is not easy to try out, then the tap dance is the one. You need to practice a lot to dance well. You can learn the basic steps from this app and there 12 steps that are offered here. There  is a step by step instructions, which are clear and easy to understand. You can learn things like shuffle and ball change. This app comes for $1.99.


This app lets you know the positions and the steps of the dance. An instructor teaches you these. However, this is a dance where you need a partner. So, you won’t find it much handy unless you take the help of a partner. You can download this app from iTunes for free of cost.

Ballet for Beginners

If you want to learn the basics of ballet, then try this app. You get step by step instruction in the form of 20 videos. You can learn the basic movements, angles and positions. The instructions are slow and clear for a newbie to get to know fairly about ballet. This great app on ballet comes for $4.99.

Ballet Lite

This is another app for ballet learning. The app contains everything related to ballet and holds more than 200 terms. The terms are linked, and cross referenced to each other. Every movement of the dance is literally defined clearly in the app. This is a perfect app for anyone. If you would like to test if the app works for you, then try the free version. When it satisfies you, then go ahead and pay 99 cents. However, the app has its own letdowns also. The app lacks photos and videos, which are the most crucial components. You come across these as a surprise. But, it is a vast collection of terminology.

Learn Dance

If you are looking for an app that will let you dance with ease on weekends and in clubs without feeling embarrassed, then the Learn Dance is the perfect app. All basics like, shifting the weight while dancing, coping with the rhythm, staying loose, and tips on throwing hands to air are taught. You also get YouTube videos of 20 numbers, which give you examples from popular dancers. This is the cheapest app for dancing available for iPhone, and it costs only $0.99.

Shop for dance

This app exactly does not prepare you for dancing with the steps. There are lots more to concentrate on for the dancers. When you go for this iPhone application, you need not scribble down the accessories and other things you need for dancing. The categories can be customized to your needs. This app is available for 99 cents. But, the issue with the apps is that you need time to learn things and start using this. However, it makes your shopping for dancing more convenient, and no hassles involved.

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