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Five Best iPhone Apps for Freelancers

October 12th, 2012 · No Comments

There are some interesting iPhone Apps which can be useful for freelancer to keep track of their tasks.This article tells 5 best iPhone apps for freelancers.

Here are the list of five best iPhone apps for Freelancers:

Office2 Plus

It is one of the popular productivity apps which make your documentation tasks much simple and easier. This app allows you to open, edit and create PowerPoint (.ppt and .pptx), Excel (.xlsx and .xls) and Word (.docx and .doc) files easily. You can prepare your power point presentations and excel reports in your iPhone or open existing reports and edit them easily.

In order to purchase the full version of the app you should pay 5.99$ so that you can enable full functionality including editing and saving of files. The latest 5.1 version occupies a size of 13.6 MB and is available in multiple languages. If you are a freelancer who needs to frequently create and edit presentations and reports, this productivity app is a must for you.

Mocha VNC

Mocha VNC is a cool app which allows you to connect to your Mac or Windows Desktop and access your programs, files and resources in a small screen. The Mocha VNC lite has encrypted password signing on and uses standard VNC protocol. You can view in Landscape mode and it supports both 32 bit and 8 bit color modes.

The latest 3.2 version has Auto lock option, improved VGA resolution and support for Stylus pen. It can be used only from iPhone 3GS and above as it requires 128 MB of free RAM to operate smoothly. Mocha VNC can also be used for controlling the VPS server through your iPhone directly. The user-interface is very simple and easy to use. The App costs 5.99$ and can be downloaded from App store.

Shoeboxed Business Card Reader and Business Card Scanner

Technology has developed very much and it has made our day-to-day tasks simple and automated. There is an interesting iPhone App called “Shoeboxed business card Reader” which can help in easier managing business cards of your clients and suppliers.

What you have to do is take a snapshot of the business card using your phone’s camera and the app will automatically scan the card to extract important information such as phone number, address, email, name using OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology.

It will ask you to verify the information before storing in its database. This app is also compatible with other contact management applications like Outlook, Sales Force, Batchbook and Google Contacts. You can download a free 30-day trail of this app and if you are satisfied you can purchase the full-version for $2.99.

Easy Time Sheet

Managing the schedule for your projects and organizing tasks could be daunting task as a freelancer. But with help of Easy TimeSheet, you can easily keep track of schedule for your projects, track the amount of hours for generating bills for your clients through simple time sheets.

It can automatically generate bills for your clients based on time sheets for your projects. You can convert the generated time sheets to CSV format and mail it to your email address. Also, the app keeps functioning and tracks time even when you have closed the app.

Invoice Robot

Billing the customers and generating proper invoices is very important for any business. Invoice Robot is an interesting app developed especially for freelancers and small business for creating receipts invoices, quotations and proposals in simple and easier way. You can generate invoice for your projects and generate PDF reports which can be mailed to your customers easily. So, keeping track of your bills is very easy with this powerful app which costs just 1.99$ and can be purchased from iPhone App store.

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