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Best iPhone Apps for Learning Music

January 24th, 2013 · No Comments

In this post we will tell you some of the best iPhone apps for learning music. Here’s the list of some of the them:

Nowadays everyone is fond of music, and wants to be a musician. iPhone has got such exciting apps which helps you not just to learn, but also to experience the passion for music, which can turn you into a big star. Here we will tell you some of the Best iPhone apps for learning music.


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Get your turntable chafe right on your iPhone and drop some beats. Djay sync-in with your music library automatically, so now you can make some remixes and records out of them. You can try your tricks and flim-flams through which you can become a musician.

Guitar ToolKit

Learn to rock the world with GuitarToolKit. It has a library of 500,000 chords to play. Even if you don’t know the name of the chord, the moment you are going to touch it, the scratchboard will tell you the name. It has the chords, metronome and sound effects of other instruments such as bass guitar, banjo and mandolin.

Sound Hound


Can’t remember the whole song, but just a few lines of it – Sound Hound will recognise it. This amazing application has got sound recognizing feature. All you have to do is to just hum or sing a few lines or words of the song, and Sound Hound will not only recognize it but also answer at the tip of your finger…isn’t it amazing!

Ampli Tube

Want to share some of your hottest jamming sessions with your band. This is the right application for you. AmpliTube gives you a feature of adding music effects to your Bass beats and guitar tunes and records them in studio style. Ampli Tube has eleven music effects, single-track record, two mics, a metronome and a tuner. You can share your recorded music in high quality audios such as M4As.



This unique application let your words fly into auto tunes tracks sounds similar to being recorded in a studio. It can transform your funny birthday rap lyrics into some exciting hip hop tracks and not just this, you can share these tracks with friends through your Twitter, e-mail and Facebook.


This application lets you pop the beats. Now mixing your favourite tracks or tunes of the instrument into a remix version is just a touch away. Select different instrument samples and mix them in your tracks. This application is absolutely free.


Can you imagine a full fledged 88-key piano in an IPhone. Yes, as the name suggests, this application is a virtual piano, which composes and records music with the later playback option. This piano is with 3D graphics. It has zoom in and zoom out features for better visibility of keys. This application with its innovative features let you feel like as if you are playing a real piano.


Do you like to read the lyrics of the song at the time of listening, Lyrical helps you to do so. This is a free application. It automatically finds the lyrics and shows it along with the song you are playing, even after you get offline. It can easily search the song lyrics by its artist name or just by few lines of the song you remember.

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