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Best iPhone apps to learn English

April 10th, 2013 · No Comments

Here in this post we will tell you best iPhone apps to learn English. Check here:

Today iPhone apps are our best friends in every walk of life, be it an office app or a cool angry bird games. iPhones also has language apps that helps user to learn specific language with fun.  English learning is now so easy with these apps and one can sit for hours without a hint of being bored. These apps are loaded with informative dictionary, you would love to learn a new word every second and be a fluent English speaker in lesser time.

SpeakingPal English Trainer


It is trusted and result oriented. Don’t think it to be a hideous online tuition classes, but it is a fun with learning from day one. SpeakingPal English trainer is synonymous to virtual tutor that would guide you in your pronunciation. It can be used by students and professionals both. When you will speak to the video, you will get immediate feedback of your English speaking skill, and gradually you will be improving on it. The content and teaching method are enjoyable, and user easily grabs what all is taught.

English Idioms

Idioms hold an extremely prominent position in strengthening your speech, idioms give sophistication in speech. But many new English speakers finds it difficult to grasp and use it in daily English. No worry, this app has brought easier way to get into your brain. You would be first familiarized with the history of the idiom that would accelerate your learning power. You would be known with the meaning of the idiom that means it would be retained in your mind. How easy is that? With this smart iPhone app,  you would actually learn many English idioms without straining your brain and forming wrinkles on your forehead. Out of 163 idioms available in the iPhone, 23 are available for free.

The Phrasal Verbs Machine

Next level of learning English comes the Phrasal Verbs, this can be a nightmare for persons coming back from office and stumping into traditional learning system. The “Amazing Phraso” has animated 100 phrasal verbs that are set in a circle around the main Phraso character and his pals. Phrasal verbs comes with different meanings, in this case, and English sentence is given with five translations in a different language. Also, they are providing with their respective meaning for better understanding.

Learn English Audio and Video

It is a scientific fact that a person learns most with audio-visual medium. Keeping this in mind Learn English Audio and Video app has helped many users to learn English faster. User can listen to the audio and use that according to their easiness like, they can listen the same audio number of times, and they can also alter the speed of the audio. If the user is unaware of the meaning of the word, he can refer to the built in dictionary. Videos provide an enjoyable learning experiences shared with highlighted audio-script.


You can also strengthen your grammar by LearnEnglishGrammer app. It is for all learners starting from beginners to advanced level. There are question papers with 12 grammar topics covering 20 activities from each topic. 1000 multiple choice questions make your concept clearer. Interactive practice sessions like rearranging words, drag & drop answers, make learning fun.

English Grammar Use test

It is the most popular ones. This app has to be purchased, and it is based on Cambridge University Press. You can launch test or practice and start up your test. Finally, you are provided with your score for evaluation of your performance.

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