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Best ‘Live Broadcasting’ Apps For Android Cell Phones

August 24th, 2012 · No Comments

This article will tell you some of the best Live broadcasting apps for Android cell phones. Here’s the list of some:


Have you ever wondered how you could broadcast live videos from your Smart phone? There are plenty of live broadcasting apps available for Android Smart phones which you can download for free from Google Play. These apps allow you to share live videos that you shoot in your camera and share pictures taken with it to the entire world through Internet. There are many paid as well as free services which allow you to share videos through your Cell phone. This article discusses some of the popular video sharing apps for Android.

Knocking Live Video:

Knocking Live Video is a free to use Android app which supports live video sharing. In order to use this app, you should register for a free account in the developer’s website. Once you register with the website, you can add your contacts and friends on Knocking Live Video by choosing the “+” option in the menu. You can also invite users who have existing account in Knocking Live Video by mentioning their email address. After adding the friends, you can download the app from the website and install it in your Android phone.

Using this powerful App, you can broadcast live videos which you shoot through your mobile camera. You can also broadcast videos which are your stored in your phone’s SD card. This is a very useful app for sharing live videos with your friends anywhere in the world. All you need is a high speed internet connectivity in your phone with unlimited data usage.

Qik Video:

Another free app which allows you to share videos is QiK Video for Android phones. You can download this free App from Google Play and stream live videos with relatives and friends around the world. It helps you to stay connected with friends through video share, video mail and video chat. You can record videos from your Phone’s camera and instantly share them online to your friends through favorite social network. You can share moments through video mail or SMS. This app allows to do live video streaming from your phone to Social media websites like Twitter, Facebook and much more. The video feeds uploaded by other friends in Qik Contacts can be viewed instantly. Whatever videos you record will get instantly uploaded to cloud in order to share and broadcast to your friends. The free version allows you to upload or share 25 videos while the premium version will allow unlimited video storage and video sharing. You can manage videos from your computer and sync it with your phone or add them to Qik collections. You can easily share the videos in the library with your friend and contacts in Qik.


UStream App for Android:

For Android fans that are searching for an effective application to broadcast live videos, UStream App is the best choice. You can download the free Ustream App from Google Play and install it within minutes. Once you have installed it, you can open the software and click the Go Live option in main menu. You will be asked for username and password to log in. If you don’t have an existing account, you can go the Ustream website, http://www.ustream.tv/ and then create a new account. Once you log in, you can tap the red circle present on right side to instantly stream live videos to your Ustream channel which can be watched by others users at http://www.ustream.tv/channel/yourusername. You can also start a poll for viewers to vote for favorite videos, stop broadcast and publish your videos to social media websites like Twitter and Facebook. You can also switch between rear-facing and front-facing camera through the settings menu. It’s one of the most powerful free Android apps for live video broadcasting from anywhere, anytime.

Klip Video Sharing:

Klip is another popular app in Android for video sharing and making friends. It is considered as best social video app that comes with HD user interface and super cool features. You can get unlimited uploads and high quality streaming. There is multifaceted search which allows you to discover interesting videos.  You can also block unwanted users from connecting or viewing videos present in your profile. It supports both front-facing and rear camera and allows you to preview live videos by swiping through the video thumbnails using your finger.

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