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Best Mobile Office Apps for Android Phones

August 9th, 2012 · No Comments

Here is a compilation of some of the best mobile office apps for android phones.

Android has proved itself to be best entertainment and communicating gadget to today’s date, but what about the working stuff, when you need to email a valuable document after correcting misplaced words, what if you need to create PowerPoint presentations urgently for your meeting.

Android has brought for your handy office apps so that you can make your office task at most convenient way. There is no suitable version of office apps but third party tools can be utilized to get office work done. There is word, excel, power point, converters, scanners and many more. Here, are some office apps that will make your office burden light.

Quick Office Pro:

This is all in one app. You can create, edit and save your office data in the form of word, power point and excel. It may be a bit expensive to $14.99 but satisfies the mobile needs.

Google Docs:

This is best mobile to the web interface used by android browser. Google has developed Google doc app especially for android phones. This app easily connects to your contact list so that sending files and documents becomes easy. Google Docs also utilizes the mobile camera as character reads in order to scan documents. You can also make changes in your documents.

Olive Office Premium:

If you are not in a mood to buy any office app, you have another option. Olive Office Premium offers you similar job as that of other paid office apps. Its functions are same as that of office app on android. You can make you word document, tables of excel and presentations on power point. This also saves the documents in PDF format. Olive Office Premium supports tables, texts; images making your Android set a complete package.

Cam Scanner:

It is a phone PDF-Creator. Google Docs has created the new app that allows you to import different office documents into your android phone. You can convert photos into PDF format. It has batch process that enables paging via numerous documents and taking picture snapshot of each page. Auto crop is also possible. Free version of this app is available, and you can get it.

Open Office Document Reader:

Thomas Taschauser develops this application. This app fully supports android, but there are certain cons like those that editing is not easy, problems are often encountered while displaying and formatting images. It is useful for reading ODT and ODS files, and is totally free and optional.

Swift Key X:

This app is only android keyboard available. It is particularly useful as it analysis typing when you tap on the buttons, and it memorizes what all you have typed. For example, if you have typed a sentence, when you will start afresh with the same word, it will recreate the whole sentence again.

Think Free Office – Mobile User:

This is one of the biggest providers of android compatible office apps, especially designed for Android phones. Think Free Office- Mobile User is already preloaded in many android phones. You can use the free version of apps. Free version provides you document reading and editing functions.

Picsel smart Office:

This paid app is best choice for android apps. This app supports current versions of MS office up to 2010. It has text reflowing and custom clipboard and tablet interface is provided.

Office Drop:

It is useful reader and scanner that comes with web based document portal. This allows users to make changes and manages their scanned files.


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