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Best Mobile Office Apps for iPhone

August 28th, 2012 · No Comments

This article tells you some of the best mobile office apps for iPhone users. Here’s the list of some:

iPhone is the best of the smartphone world out there and is a mini computer in your pocket. The things that you use it most are to view, create, and edit office documents, presentations and more. Let us look at some of the office apps available for your iPhone.

Office Suites

Office suites are apps that create, edit, view office text, spreadsheet, and presentation documents including the popular Word, Excel, and Powerpoint formats. Some of the popular office apps are Documents to Go, Office 2, Open Office, and Quickoffice.

Office 2

Office 2 is not an option that can be recommended, but it supports all document formats, cloud storage services, and obviously runs faster than most. Viewing documents is not particularly impressive, and if you edit and save documents, you will lose all formatting that Office 2 does not support. However, it is inexpensive at just $6 per month.


Quickoffice is darned good too, but spreadsheets and some media rich office files get a bit hard to manage. At $10, it gives full value of your money, and you can easily access services like Dropbox, Google Docs and view and edit documents with ease. There are no problems with unsupported formatting after editing.

Documents to Go

Documents to Go is the best office suite for iPhone but comes at $10 a month for the standard version and $17 for the pro version. It has the best interface for editing documents and is the easiest to use. It is also perfect if you want to integrate between file storage services and search across them. Editing rich documents like Powerpoint presentations are also not a problem.

Always on PC- Open Office

This is the ultimate office suite providing all the solutions directly from your iPhone to open, edit, and save the Excel, Word, or Powerpoint documents while you are on the move. This is true multitasking software, which can run multiple applications of Word, Excel, and Powerpoint. Moreover, it can copy an excel chart to PPT, and you can use multiple image formats like JPEG, PNG, TIFF.

Other Productivity Tools

Note Taking

Taking notes is other crucial point that you do all day and apps are there to lend a helping hand write or type notes into your iPhone and synch to the cloud via Evernote, and you can access them anytime from the internet. Evernote helps you to take notes, clippings and even voice notes and easily synchronize it to the Evernote cloud. However, if you only looking to take notes in the form of text, the rich media of Evernote may be slow.

To-do Lists

Planning schedules and meetings is made easier by some apps like Remember the Milk. This facility also allows you to synchronize with a cloud service on various mobile platforms including the iPhone. However, the best thing about Remember the Milk is that it organizes all your notes, whether it is an email, SMS, on the web or notes written with the app across devices. The basic app come free but for using some features you need to pay $25 per month.

File Synching and Sharing

Another notable office task is to share files and synchronize them real time on a common platform especially while working in a group who are not sitting across the table. Some great apps in this area are SugarSynch and Dropbox. Dropbox has quickly become a multiplatform way to synchronize quickly, manage your valuable files across gadgets, and share them by just sending a link to your file.


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