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Best Music Learning Apps for Android Cell Phones

August 20th, 2012 · No Comments

In this article we will tell you some of the best music learning apps for Android cell phones. Here’s the list of some.

In this article, we have compiled a quality list of music learning apps for android cell phones so if you’re a music lover and wish to learn music through an app of  your android cell phone then this list of apps is a must-have for you.

My Piano Assistant:

It is one of the best Android Piano software programs which will help you to learn the instrument as a beginner. It provides information about the scales or chords of the piano and plays music as you touch the keys with your fingers. For the requested scale or chord, the application will provide the notes and formula based on selected root. It also indicates the positions of notes on the keyboard of the piano and lets users to listen to particular scale/chord. One of the best features of this app is that it provides studio quality sound and has 2 octaves for smooth playback with fingers. You can also record your piano samples and import the saved music files. It has an integrated recorder which permits users to record their own voice with the application.

The application will support various screen sizes and works in both landscape and portrait modes. Though the application is designed for keyboardists and pianists, it could be useful for anyone who wants to learn Piano as a beginner. It’s a free application which can be downloaded from Google Play. It is supported on Android versions 1.5 and above.

Drum Kit:

If you are interested in learning how to play Drums, then probably the best app for you to learn it is Drum Kit for Android. It is a free multi-touch application developed by Nullapp which provides a great way to learn drums by tapping the screen with your fingers. It is a customizable virtual drum set which has been designed especially for Android and can be downloaded for free from Google Play. It a gives a top view of different kinds of drums and you can enjoy the sound of a real drum set when you tap these drums with your fingers. It also has various cool features like Drum Editor, Music composer and recorder, cool animations, movable percussions and drums etc. You can move the drums across the screen, adjust playback volume and record a beat loop for playback later. The animation helps you to figure out easily which parts of drums set are moving.

Pocket Shaker for iPhone:

It’s another cool music app for iPhone users which can convert your iPhone into a superb percussion instrument. The amazing app produces music from different types of percussion instruments like Shaker, Cowbell, Tambourine, Conga, Rattle, Bass Drum etc. All you have to do is shake your phone right and left while holding the power button to enjoy the random music from combination of different percussion instruments. The application is free to download and you can listen to music anytime just by shaking your phone.

Chord! Guitar Chord Finder

If you are interested to learn how to play Guitar, then this app is the best friend for you. It is basically a Guitar chord finder which generates diagrams of chords with any combination of strings and different tuning. It has more than four hundred entries in the database and displays chord diagrams in color for easier interpretation for users.  You can find all kinds of tuning and fingering in the chord charts book and app supported reverse harmonization as well. You can also hear how the diagram will sound, by swiping your fingers across guitar strings shown in the touch screen. You can save the chord progressions in PDF format and share it with your friends in e-mail. You can download the app for free from Google Play. The app is also integrated with Google’s Cloud Backup service.

MusicTutor SightRead:

It’s yet another free music App for beginners which allows you learn basics of music notations with an intuitive user interface. There are four modes in this app to Read, Learn, Write and Play music.  The application allows you to learn how to play a piano keyboard with 2 horizontal and 3 vertical octaves. In Learn mode, you can learn the notes positions and play the notes while in Read mode you can practice playing the notes. The notes won’t get highlighted, but you will hear a different sound when you play it wrong. You can also write your own notes in Write mode. It is quiz-based music learning software especially useful for beginners. There are timed tests and different ways to test your music skills in this app.

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