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Best Recovery App for Android

August 29th, 2013 · No Comments

In this article we will tell you about best Recovery App for Android. Here’s the complete discussion:

The data in Android phones can be lost due to several reasons like formatting your memory card, upgrade failure, factory reset by mistake, deleting accidentally etc. You might be wondering how to restore the lost data which might contain important documents, videos and pictures from your Android phone. There are many advanced data recovery application designed specifically for Android phones which can assist you to recover any videos, songs, images, archives, documents and data stored on the memory cards of Android phone.  Some of the popular recovery apps for android phones are,

Wondershare Data Recovery

It’s an excellent data recovery app suitable for Android phones. It allows users to restore save videos, SMS, photos, contact details, music files and whatever data which you have stored on your phone’s memory. The app will automatically scan for data which is lost from your phone and then restore it safely. You can instantly recover whatever data you lost within a single touch of recovery button. It can handle the process of recovery within seconds and you can download the trial version of the app from below link,


Hexamob Data recovery software

This is one of the interesting and powerful apps for recovering accidentally deleted files and important data from your Android phone. In order to install and use this App you should be the root user of the phone and it is compatible with Android version 2.3 and later. It is compatible with both tablets and supports major file types and different file systems such as ext4, ext3, ext2 and vfat systems. It is also compatible with USB storage devices. The recovery of data will be based on how bad the corrupted or deleted data blocks are. If the files deleted have been over written by new data, then it is not possible to recover them. The recent version comes with revamped UI and is compatible with both tablets and smart phones. Also it is compatible with Android 4.2/4.1 devices and also supports new files types. There is support for multiple languages and also new total recovery technique for better efficiency and quick recovery of data. Also previous version issues have been fixed and new recovery tools have been added. You can download the free version of this App from Google Play in below link,


Data Recovery from Google Store

This app helps you with complete analysis and diagnosis of your smart phone. It can also assist you in checking data status, identifying contacts, multimedia files, textual data and copies the data bytes one by one and helps in recovery of lost or corrupted data from the phone. This App can be activated from any location and will instantly help in data recovery. You can use this app to recovery data from your phone’s SD card and also lost contacts from SIM card as well.


Undelete for Root Users

Undelete for Android is another application which helps root users to recover lost files from either internal storage or memory card in their Android phones. It can recover more than thousand supported file types and is very useful in case you have accidentally deleted any old tunes or photos. It can also help in securely deleting the shared files such that it cannot be recovered by anyone else. The important features of this App are,

  1. You can recover any type of file which has not been overwritten by new data.
  2. Securely shred/erase unwanted files
  3. Compatible with various file formats like binary executable, music, videos, pictures, documents etc.
  4. You can also preview media files and perform batch operations, thumbnail previews and restore folders in custom manner.

If you have downloaded the trial version, you can only recover image files and if you wish to get the full functionality you might have to purchase and get the unlock key. It supports only FAT file system and hence can be used only for recovery of files from external memory card. If the files that are scanned but are corrupted or overwritten by new files, then it might not be possible to recover it. You also must be a super user or root user in order to install and use this application.


Undelete Beta

It’s an excellent recovery software for Android mobiles which can be used to restore all types of data such as audios, photographs, videos, messages, e-mails and all information which was stored earlier on the your Android smart phone. You have select the location where you should scan for lost data whether SD card or internal memory. The app performs a scan or recently deleted files, the actual path and whether it’s possible to recover or not. You can download this app from Google play using below link,


DDR Data Recovery Software

This is also another efficient data recovery app for Android which can help you restore lost messages, contacts, graphic files, multimedia, videos and music files. When you click “restore” files , the app will scan for all files within your phone and you can select between different search options like Signature, Photo, Video, Deep search or Basic search based on your requirement. You can download the App’s trial version from Google play using below link,




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