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Best time tracking app for Lawyers

April 9th, 2013 · 2 Comments

Here in this post we will tell you some of the best time tracking app for Lawyers. Here’s the list of some:

If time and money are synonymous, a law office is the best place to prove the same. One has to keep a proper note of working hours which can be billable so that each client can be charged in a proper manner. This is a trait of a successful and profitable legal farm. The way to track time appropriately can be quite tiresome. It takes intensive labour which requires hours to execute the administrative work.

This also takes the staff off any other productive task. That is the reason why several lawyers prefer keeping an app to do the work for them. The application works to record the amount of time spent on individual case. This also calculates the amount of time allotted in working for each client. Here are some of the best time tracking apps for lawyers.

Time Master

time tracking app for Lawyers

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This can be downloaded from On-Core which is a renowned software publisher. This is an excellent choice for every lawyer simply because of the ease and convenience of use. This app is loved and used by solo attorneys as well as large scale legal practitioners. Some products do have a stretched learning curve but not Time Master. It is pretty easy to use having some excellent features. One of the great features is that the quick billing system.

It can be done instantly. This is one feature that busy attorneys are going to enjoy because of the convenience it brings in to the daily schedule. However, there is one downside which may be considered before opting for Time Master. It demands that the lawyers should track time in session formats. Some of the attorneys may love this feature but other keep the preference of entering time increments directly.



This has been a milestone in legal business for over 25 years. There are numerous legal practices which use it dedicatedly. This includes several features which are extremely user friendly. Thus, it makes time keeping an easy job for all the attorneys who have a relatively busy daily life. There are dashboards which are pretty straight forward in design. This app integrates with many a notable accounting program as well.

Timeslips uses one central database system which is used to store the billing information. It provides with individual client piece for every user who is on its network.  Those who are always on the move find this feature pretty useful. Lawyers can use their smartphones for entering the billing data after giving a visit to every client. Timeslips has become a standard for those who wish to economize through selecting a less expensive alternative at practice.


This app has several features which attorneys find fascinating for their use. TimeClock includes the facility to enter numerous time increments as well as generate a detailed invoice as well as billing history for every client. This is a very intuitive app which is extremely convenient to use. Many attorneys are frustrated by complicated apps which take pretty long time to be accustomed with. Attorneys can record billable hours when they work. This data is later used to bill individual clients in accordance with the time spent for individual cases.

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